Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The BCS: Not Just Bad, It's Illegal

I admit when I joined the college playoff movement in 2007, it was merely about what a bad system the BCS is. But my interest became deeper when I realized it was a blatant violation of federal anti-trust laws.

Apparently, others more respectable than me have come to the same conclusion:

This past week the Department of Justice received a 28-page analysis of the BCS from the Washington law firm Arent Fox, which is representing Boise State and the Mountain West Conference in their quest for reform of the postseason system. Written by attorney Alan Fishel, it's entitled "22 Tall Tales of the BCS." The DOJ is conducting an ongoing review of the bowl scheme, with an eye toward whether it's in violation of antitrust laws. Fishel contends that it is, and more.

"It's illegal, indefensible, unconscionable, and completely at odds with the values that higher education seeks to promote," he says.

Crowning an illegitimate champion
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Also, check out for more info on this subject that is more serious than most realize...

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