Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Konformist Returns: 2011

Hope you all had a Happy Holidays, The Konformist returns for the New Year with a different format. Basically, it's going to be less articles from other sites and more original works and commentary. That way, The Konformist will return to its roots hopefully, as the first place to go to hear something rather than a place to hear what others have been saying. FeedBack is definitely encouraged.

One important piece of good news: after being listed as 'This site may harm your computer' on for almost a year, has been removed from that advisory and has been updated. In fact, the site had a malware virus on it for only a short period of time, which it received from my computer. Finally this week I managed to upload a clean version of my site to, which included pages that were deleted when removed the virus from the server. There have been numerous speculation and queries on to how the malware attack happened, and some have suspected that The Konformist was a victim of some CIA cyber attack. In fact, the culprits are Mariah Milano and Lela Star, who inspired the web search that resulted in the virus attack on my old desktop. I mention their names because, though they did cause a virus attack, they are still worthy of a web search for all you guys out there.

Thanks for your patience,

Robert Sterling
Editor, The Konformist

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Scott Rose said...

Love the new direction for 2011, the Charlie Brown photograph at the top of this post, and the heads-up about Mariah Milano & Lela Star!!