Sunday, January 23, 2011

Classic Photo Break

Greg Bishop of The Excluded Middle & Robert Sterling in Laughlin, Nevada

Kenn Thomas of & Robalini in the 90's

Robalini, KT, and Greg Bishop wearing the hat & glasses of William S. Burroughs, owned by Richard Metzger of

From left to right: Bishop, Robalini, Jim Martin of Flatland Books, The Christ Conspiracy author Acharya S and Kenn Thomas

From left to right at Barney's Beanery: Free Citizen zine editor Scott Sawyer, Acharya S, Robalini, KT & writer Skylaire Alfvegren. (Where is Acharya's foot in this photo?)

From left to right at LAX: Robalini, Acharya S, KT and Greg Bishop

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