Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You Can't Win

Author: Jack Black
Publisher: Macmillan

You Can't Win (ISBN 1-902593-02-2) is an autobiography by Jack Black. The book tells of his experiences in the hobo underworld, freight hopping around the still Wild West of the United States and Canada, becoming a burglar and member of the yegg brotherhood, getting hooked on opium, doing stints in jail, and escaping, often with the assistance of crooked cops or judges. The book was a best seller in 1926. It has been republished in 2000 in the Nabat series of radical autobiographies, by AK Press. William S. Burroughs cited it as an extremely influential book in his life, and lifts the book's style and stories in his 1953 book Junkie. Burroughs himself wrote the introduction to the AK Press reissue of the book. On the copyright page is a message from the publishers that any convict can obtain a copy of the book by mailing them ten dollars and a contact address (the list price is sixteen US dollars or eleven British pounds).

Publication history

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