Monday, March 14, 2011

"Conspiracy Hall of Fame"

by Victor Thorn

Sisyphus Press -- P.O. Box 10495
State College, Pa. 16805-0495

$6.99 plus $1.99 for S&H.
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$6.99 plus $10.99 for S&H.
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Victor Thorn's Conspiracy Hall of Fame - Thorn's latest release pays homage to 20 of the finest investigative authors who've entered uncharted territory to reveal an array of suppressed criminal acts. An eclectic assortment of material has been compiled by the writers contained within these pages. In addition to the Trilateral Commission and UFOs, also included for good measure are government detention centers, MK-ULTRA and false-flag terror events. Readers should prepare to embark on an odyssey through the hidden corridors of history. While pursuing the great cover-up, truth-seekers will relive past moments that have been forever frozen in time, such as where they were when John Kennedy was assassinated, or the horror experienced while watching New York's twin towers collapse via controlled demolitions. Thorn writes, "These top 20 researchers have worked tirelessly to expose the machinations of secret societies and other global organizations that lurk in the shadows to manipulate world events."

Table of Contents

* William Cooper
* Gary Allen
* Michael Collins Piper
* Zechariah Sitchin
* George Orwell
* Texe Marrs
* Eustace Mullins
* Benjamin Freedman
* Antony Sutton
* Jim Keith
* Jim Marrs
* Michael Hoffman
* Des Griffin
* Dr. John Coleman
* William Guy Carr
* Mae Brussell
* Ralph Epperson
* Alex Constantine
* Gary Webb
* Adam Gorightly

Plus, an expose on the TUCSON MASSACRE & Jared Loughner

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