Monday, March 14, 2011

New Book Reveals That Adam Gorightly Is Really Greg Bishop!

(Or vice versa!)
Adam Gorightly

I received a book in the mail today which lists yours truly as one of 20 select members in the Conspiracy Hall of Fame and furthermore reveals my true identity as that of alleged CIA disinformation agent , Greg Bishop… Or Maybe I should rephrase that: The photo that accompanies the section on Hall of Famer Adam Gorightly is that of Mr. Bishop. (Which should be a clue to you all that the Walrus is Paul!)

The Stunning Evidence on Page 42!

And while I am honored at being among this august group of conspiracy theory stalwarts — which includes the likes of William Cooper, Jim Keith, Jim Marrs and George Orwell — I am also a bit chagrined that my cover has been so thoroughly blown and my true identity revealed as that of the aforementioned Mr. Bishop, who’s also an alleged alien implant victim and diehard fan of the much hated Los Angeles Dodgers.

Whatever the case, to find out more about myself (whoever I am) and 19 other fabled conspiracy theorists check out Victor Thorn’s Conspiracy Hall of Fame.

Also available is another newly released title by Thorn, New World Order Assassins, in which yours truly (who ever I am) is extensively referenced.

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Anonymous said...

either way-they're cannibals of the paranormal.