Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Space Brother, Where Art Thou?

March 15th, 2011
Skylaire Alfvegren

With vaguely optimistic recollections of UFO sightings around Chernobyl at the time of its meltdown, I recalled that some people in the area swore that strange craft appeared, directed beams at the site, and somehow prevented further catastrophe. While our hearts and sympathies are all with the Japanese people, those on the West Coast can’t help but worry about radiated repercussions beyond that country’s borders.

There is no doubt that whatever radiation released will be downgraded and covered up, that whether or not prevailing winds will carry it to the west coast of the United States, remains to be seen. But to give an idea of how much Californians trust their government and their media, army surplus stores in Los Angeles were already sold out of potassium iodine by Saturday afternoon.

“I lived through seven years with the Marines, three years in Vietnam, I got sprayed with Agent Orange,” barked Mr. Ramirez, proprietor of the Surplus Value Center in Silverlake, when I called to see what he might have on hand. “I’m still here. People are over-reacting.” That may be so, but when was the last time anyone remembers watching video of a nuclear reactor exploding?

I recalled, also, reading about a UFO Museum in Japan, located in some out of the way place. Wouldn’t you know, it was in Fukushima. Maybe I’m deranged for getting teary-eyed looking at some tourist’s photos of the quaint museum this morning… but the naive optimist in me hopes, somehow, that the beings so lovingly recreated inside the octogonal building might shine their beams on what’s left of Fukushima.

After being inundated with images of destruction so horrific as to not be believable, these photos from the museum made me break down completely.

Maybe, just maybe… the Fukushima UFO Museum was located on higher ground. Stupid, I know, to be pining for something so insignificant in the wake of such destruction. But it’s not about the museum. It’s about the people who created it. Am I so desensitized? The horrors of Haiti, of Indonesia, are still with us, but their images are of people and places far away… as are these. But somehow, for me, this little museum puts a much more personal face on things.

I have to go cry now… these photos and more can be found here:


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