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The Merovingian Mythos and the Mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau

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The Merovingian Mythos and the Mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau
Tracy Twyman

Kindle Edition $9.99
Paperback $17.30

"...the most definitive work [yet] on the Grail. Twyman has turned the field of Grail research on its head."
-- Nicholas de Vere, author of The Dragon Legacy: The Secret History of an Ancient Bloodline.

Occult expert and historian Tracy R. Twyman has been investigating the enigma of the Holy Grail and Rennes-le-Chateau for more than seven years, and has written extensively about it in Dagobert’s Revenge Magazine, as well as other publications. Now at last she has fully disclosed the shocking conclusions of her exhaustive research.

Twyman has discovered that the bloodline of the Merovingians stems not only from Christ and Mary Magdalene, but in fact, goes back to the god-kings and queens of the antediluvian world. She has also determined the nature of the physical object called "the Holy Grail" - a magnificent structure hidden beneath Rennes-le-Chateau, France. And within this structure is perhaps the greatest treasure of human history: the grave of a sacred king named Cain, who brought kingship and the wisdom of the gods down from Heaven. Throughout history, the secret of the Grail, the tradition of the Grail, and the bloodline of the Grail have inspired the activities of secret societies, and guided the destiny of humanity. It has been at the center of a struggle both cosmic and terrestrial that has lasted for thousands of years.

In the pages of this volume, Twyman reveals the answers to dozens of questions that have remained unanswered for decades, centuries, and even millennia. She deciphers nearly all of the many clues pertaining to this mystery that have been left by the Priory of Sion, Berenger Sauniere, the Knights Templar, and the Freemasons. But more than that, she has decoded a tangled web of clues found in history, world mythology, Judeo-Christian scriptures, and the traditions of the occult, resulting in a bold reinterpretation of the story of human civilization. And the outcome is not what you would expect. The villains and protagonists are not who you might presume them to be. For the Holy Grail is a treasure both cursed and sacred, bestowing knowledge both of Good and of Evil.

After reading this book, you will never think of history, mythology, or the Bible the same way again.

From the Publisher

The mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau has been cracked! The secret of the Grail has been revealed! And the results are absolutely mind-boggling!

From the Author

A taste from the Tree of Knowledge...

From the Inside Flap

Do five mountains in Southern France contain the greatest treasure of human history?

‡ What exactly was the artifact known as the "Holy Grail"?

‡ Was civilization created by beings that were greater than human?

‡ Was there once a primeval language given to us by the gods?

‡ Does the so-called "Grail bloodline" descend not just from Jesus, but from the biblical Cain?

‡ What is it that makes the "Grail bloodline" special, and gives the "Grail kings" a divine right to rule?

‡ What is the nature of the ancient conflict that has shaped thousands of years of human history?

After reading this volume, you will never look at history or mythology the same way again.

About the Author

Tracy Twyman has been a journalist for ten years, and is a noted expert on the occult. She has studied the Holy Grail mystery for seven years, and from 1996-2004 published Dagobert’s Revenge Magazine - a journal dedicated to the Merovingians, the Grail and Rennes-le-Chateau. She has also written for Hustler, Paranoia, and Propaganda Magazine, and has been interviewed on numerous television and radio shows. She wrote the introductions for Nicholas de Vere’s The Dragon Legacy and William H. Kennedy’s Lucifer’s Lodge, and recently edited The Arcadian Mystique: The Best of Dagobert’s Revenge Magazine. She is the Lady Grand Master of the Royal and Imperial Dragon Court, and the Exalted Grand Master of the Ordo Lapsit Exillis. She currently edits the websites dagobertsrevenge.com, nicholasdevere.com, and ordolapsitexillis.org.

Kindle Edition: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004PGN7EG/thekonformist

Paperback: http://www.amazon.com/Merovingian-Mythos-Mystery-Rennes-Chateau/dp/097617040X/thekonformist

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