Thursday, June 30, 2011

Retro Photos of the Month

Children's books from the 1950's are so educational!

"I may be a silly," Mr. Bear answered, " but I know when a naughty little girl needs a spanking."

Thanks to Scott Rose of for the photo...


Sambo's Pancakes

Sadly, there is only one left, in Santa Barbara...


Vampirella of Drakulon #1
Beware, Dreamers!
Harris Comics
Jan 1996
Modern Age - USA - English
Comic - 32 pages - $2.95 Writer Archie Goodwin, T. Casey Brennan
Artist Jose Gonzales, Tom Sutton
Colorist Bear Byte Graphics, Brimstone, Kevin Horn
Cover Artist Michael Bair
Cover Colorist Brimstone

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