Thursday, June 30, 2011

Target forces employees to watch this anti-union propaganda video

David Edwards

Gawker obtained a training video that Target uses to warn its employees about the danger of joining a union.

The 13-milute video titled “Think Hard Before You Sign” is hosted by Doug and Maria, two actors posing as Target employees.

“We’re a target because we’re a threat to unions,” Doug claims. “The unions that represent grocery store workers.”

“When we take business away from unionized grocery stores that means they need fewer employees,” Maria continues.

“And fewer grocery store employees means fewer union members. And fewer members? Well that’s a problem for the union business. That’s right, I said business. Union business,” Doug adds.

“With a union you no longer have your own voice. Have a great suggestion? You can’t take it directly to your manager. You have to go through the union layers. Need help with a problem? Same thing. Someone else will do the talking for you. And there’s no guarantee you’ll like what they have to say. Guarantees. Guarantees and promises. That’s something else you might hear from a union. Unions often make big promises about wages and benefit increases if the team member will only sign their card. Those are promises they can’t keep,” Maria insists.

“The risk of getting a union with out a vote, big promises that can’t be kept, pressure on guests not to shop at our stores, for all those reasons and a whole lot more please think hard before you sign any card or petition,” Maria concludes.

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