Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Colts Release Bob Sanders

A story that hasn't receive the coverage it deserves is the release of Bob Sanders by the Indianapolis Colts. Perhaps that is partly due to the fact Sanders is a defensive back who has only played 9 games in the last 3 seasons thanks to injuries. Still, Sanders was such a dominating force he was named NFL defensive player of the year by the AP in 2007, and he probably had more to do with the Colts playoff run that led to a Super Bowl victory during the 2006 season than Peyton Manning did. Where and if he plays ever again remains to be seen, but despite the brevity of his career, he is either a Hall of Famer or on that special list of players like Bo Jackson and Terrell Davis who were deprived Hall of Fame honors due to injuries.
Colts release injury-prone Bob Sanders
Feb 18, 2011

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