Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Robalini's Week 20 NFL Picks

Here's my results for week 19 W-L-T record: 2-2
Playoff record: 5-3
Final regular season record: 73-60-7
Total record: 78-63-7

So now it is time for the conference championships, arguably the best day of NFL football every year. (The Super Bowl, after all, is only one game, and historically hasn't lived up to the hype due to notorious blowouts.) When it is all over, I expect that for a season so noted for Playstation-esque passing statistics and scores resembling college basketball games before the shot clock, the final word is ball-control offense, intimidating defense and great coaching is still the best recipe to getting to the big game...

Baltimore Ravens (+7 1/2) Over New England Patriots

Getting 13 1/2 points against the Pats last week was a good bet, but it was still the wrong bet. Psycho Tom (by nickname for Mr. Brady when he is really pissed off and playing with intense anger) was clearly tired of all the talk over Tim Tebow, and the Broncos defense paid the price, giving up six touchdowns to the toughest guy on the planet ever to wear Ugg boots and a Bieber haircut. But the Broncos are not the Ravens. The last time the Ravens played the Pats in the playoffs, they crushed them, and though they lost to them in 2010, it was a very close game when New England was hotter and scarier than they are now. It's foolish to bet against Brady, but I will bet that even if he wins, it'll be by less than a TD...

San Francisco 49ers (-2 1/2) Over New York Giants

I've seen this 49ers teams improve as the season has continued with awe. What's most telling is that with each of their three losses they have learned invaluable lessons that have made them only better. I don't expect them to learns any more lessons from losses this year. The Giants have made an impressive run thanks to great defense and Eli Manning, but you can only win on andrenaline for so long. 2 1/2 points is about right: the 49ers will win at home and by at least a field goal. Look forward to a Super Bowl with two coaches named Harbaugh...

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