Sunday, September 16, 2012

Greg Palast Returns to San Francisco Bay Area

Sept. 24 & 25

With his new book:
Billionaires and Ballot Bandits

Monday—September 24
7:30 PM
St John's Presbyterian Church
2727 College Avenue
Santa Rosa
Tuesday---September 25
7:00 PM
Glaser Center, UU Congregation
547 Mendocino Ave

$10.00 donation at the door — no one turned away — Wheel chair Accessible

Benefit for Project Censored, Media Freedom Foundation, Flashpoints, KPFA in Berkeley and KRCB in Santa Rosa

Book sales by Moe’s Books in Berkeley and Copperfield’s in Santa Rosa

In the 2008 election, no less than: 767,023_provisional ballots were cast and not counted; 1,451,116 ballots were_"spoiled," not counted; 488,136 absentee ballots were mailed in, but_not counted. Add it up: in the last presidential election, no less than 2,706,275 ballots were  never counted.

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