Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kool Websites: EnerHealth Botanicals

We can be contacted toll free at 866-762-9238 or

Our One Stop Source for Health and Immune System Support!

EnerHealth Botanicals, llc was incorporated January 3, 2005. There are two partners in the business, Steve St Clair, Darren Craddock and of course our respective families.

Both of us have been vegetarians since we were teenagers using virtually every green drink out there and we were dissatisfied with the available formulas, too many ingredients that often times did not represent a functional amount and the use of fillers - not to mention that there were very few organic or wildcrafted ingredients.

So, Sometime in 2004 we decided that it was time for a new super green formula as an alternative to the products on the market and thus EnerFood was born. We both knew of certain ingredients we wanted to see in the product and through our joint efforts and prayers the EnerFood formula was given and perfected over several months.

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