Wednesday, November 19, 2008

2009 Terror Attack Being Peddled By Media

2009 Terror Attack Being Peddled By Establishment Media, Intelligence Sources
London Times report conveniently links alleged terror cells to Obama’s number one target - Pakistan
Paul Joseph Watson
Saturday, November 15, 2008

The notion that terrorists will attack America shortly after Barack Obama takes office is again being vigorously pushed by the corporate media as well as shadowy intelligence sources, and has reached the same crescendo that preceded 9/11, a disturbing sign that the public is being prepared for a newly manufactured mass casualty event.

The London Times today reports, “Barack Obama is being given ominous advice from leaders on both sides of the Atlantic to brace himself for an early assault from terrorists.”

“Lord West of Spithead, the (UK) Home Office Security Minister, spoke recently of a “huge threat”, saying: “There is another great plot building up again and we are monitoring this.”

The report links the activity to so-called Al-Qaeda cells operating out of Pakistan, which is certainly convenient considering Obama’s stated intention to support and even expand the scope of continued bombing raids on the country in the name of killing terrorists.

Is a new atrocity being planned so as to provide President Obama with the complete justification to attack areas of Pakistan, just as 9/11 provided the pretext for Bush to launch the pre-arranged attack on Afghanistan in the same year that he took office in 2001?

Warnings that Obama will face a crisis shortly after entering office have been voluminous.

Vice-President elect Joe Biden, told an audience in Seattle last month ”We’re gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy.”

Biden was vehement in his proclamation, stating that it was a “guarantee” and a “promise” that Obama would face an international crisis and that “tough” and “unpopular” decisions would have to be made to combat it.

Colin Powell made similar statements when he endorsed Obama on Meet the Press, saying “There’s going to be a crisis which will come along on the 21st, 22nd of January that we don’t even know about right now.”

Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright also told CNN’s John Roberts, “It’s just a statement of fact…something unexpected, you always have to be prepared for that.”

Top Obama advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski also told CNN that Obama will face “imminent problems” immediately upon taking office.

The confidence with which top globalists are forecasting a crisis that will unfold at some point next year is staggering and it strongly hints that a new manufactured horror is in the works to get the country behind Obama and mandate him to make the “unpopular decisions” that he is already preparing.

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