Monday, November 17, 2008

New Age Obama Kultist on Kool-Aid

Received via email:

Gordon-Michael Scallion was a keynote speaker at an Edgar Cayce conference in May 2007. In a higher state of consciousness he was asked, “Who will be the next U.S. President?” He responded, “ Lincoln will once again occupy the White House. ”He was then asked, “Who is Lincoln ?” The response was, “Oba ma .”

Barack Oba ma born under a master number . . . He was born under a ma ster number . . . 8+4+1+9+6+1=29/11 “Oba ma 's birth time has been obtained: Aug. 4, 1961, Honolulu HI, 7:11 p.m. Leo sun. Aquarius rising, moon in Gemini. This was obtained from his birth certificate.”

A Reading From the Universal Akashic Records

Isis asked about reports that Barack Oba ma has healed people through touch. What is the truth of this? You know Mr. Oba ma as a Presidential candidate, but he is an elevated soul who has been sent here to unwind the decadent society, which is embroiled in a struggle between the light and the dark. This soul is rather new to the circling experiences of this planet. He has come from another planet and has little experience on the Earth plane. He was sent here to be one who would change the evolution of the political scene. We see the possibility of being elected as President, whereby he will be supported by those from his home planet who will work very diligently to bring forth the equal playing field of peace and prosperity for the worldview of equality. He will be a hardworking soul for peace and cooperation as these are his two goals for this lifetime. What he says will be direct and if one stops to weigh his words, they will be easy to understand without the subterfuge of deceit. Mr. Oba ma is not aware of his abilities on a conscious level, but his spiritual practices and abilities are evolving. What you see as healing individuals is really just a preparation for something much greater in his life; the healing of a nation and in it the intent to begin healing the world. This ma y sound like a grandiose mission, but it must start somewhere. We see that there is a very great possibility of his election to be the leader of your nation as president. The possibilities are moving towards that realm of probability. The turning point will be soon as there is still much division between the candidates. Know that this is a struggle between the light and the dark and the dark is not ready to concede. Mr. Oba ma ’s real mission is to heal the nation as we said. However, in his ma ny lifetimes he has been a healer on ma ny different levels. He would have bound the nation’s wounds and united the North and South as Abraham Lincoln before he was assassinated by the dark. He has come again because he loves this country and also loves hu ma nity. He understands the struggle between two rival sides and understands how to bring forth cooperation. That is his ma in mission. His ability to heal physical bodies is just beginning to surface. These are abilities that he worked upon while he journeyed in Egypt. He was an adept then and was incarnating in the Pharaonic line. He built pyramids and understands the vibration of sound. Of course, this is contained in his data banks of past memories, which are only now starting to surface. As you are aware Isis, he is closely aligned with the planet of Sirius and he is being followed by that hierarchy and that authority is protecting him. We see that you will hear more about this ability, as it will become ma in stream when the time is right to bring it forth.

The Cherubim through Carolyn Evers

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