Friday, November 28, 2008

Sex Act Tax 2009


Sex Act Tax 2009
Tax On Sex Could Help Limp Economy

ALEXANDRIA, Minn. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Sex can be a taxing act at times, so why not try taxing it?

Minnesota-based visionary Jaye Beldo proposes tackling the spiraling national debt by taxing every single act of sexual activity whether it be masturbation, heterosexual, or homosexual.

He argues, “The national debt is $10 trillion – that’s nearly $36,000 per citizen. If we levy a ‘sex tax,’ we could bring that down to zero in no time.”

Beldo suggests a sliding scale of taxation so that the rich pay more for their poontang than the poor.

However, he doesn’t trust Americans to report their sex acts via the honor system.

Instead, he’s proposing Congress make it mandatory that each citizen have a sub-dermal implant installed in their genitalia that’ll report every single act of intercourse directly to the Internal Revenue Service.

Beldo says the implants will post all sex acts online, so people can peep other Americans’ romps, and admits he’s particularly interested in watching Christina Aguilera do her patriotic duty.

He says those with erectile dysfunction need not worry because they’ll be waived from the tax.

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