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Bottom Ten Books 1998-2008

Bottom Ten Books 1998-2008
Jaye Beldo

I’m having trouble putting together a top ten list as I did last year, considering that most of the books sent to me to review are substandard at best-so I’m inclined to provide you a list of the ‘worst’ books I’ve encountered in all my time as a reviewer.

1. The Christ Conspiracy by Acharya S.

Acharya assumes that her crass bit of pseudo-scholarship is ‘The Greatest Story Ever Sold’ as the subtitle to her book so underhandedly suggests. The Christ Conspiracy is one of the most unoriginal, reductionistic, materialistic and one dimensional pieces of offal I’ve encountered in all my years as a book reviewer. On the upside, it makes perfect bedtime reading as it will put you right to sleep considering how dry and boring it is, although the downside is that it will profoundly retard your spiritual connection to the Christ consciousness, if you make it through the book.

Check out my review at:

2. Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper

During my spring chicken years in the world of conspiracy I flamed with Cooper, suggesting that he bring love and light into his world (after seeing how much fear he was generating, esp. during his Zapruder film lectures). I was a bit bedazzled by his Pit Bull persona for awhile and backed down from our flame, until I took a more critical look at his work later on. Bill tried to base his conspiracy theories on the very shaky ground of the so called Protocols of the Elders of Zion, most likely a spurious concoction and certainly generated more fear in his readers as a result. His book requires more responsible scrutiny than the uncritical admiration it has received overall.

3. Trance Formation of America by Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips

A reader shouldn’t have to labor like an alchemist to separate the truth from the B.S. in terms of recovered ‘memories’ of mind control, ritual abuse, etc. but if you want to get a ‘fair and balanced’ view of this peculiar and very poorly written work, you must do hours and hours of spade work within its pages to do so. While my review evoked the wrath of Mark Phillips, who threatened to put me in prison (if I committed some sexual transgression), it certainly didn’t dampen Trance Formation book sales, considering that his publisher had the gall to send me a press release for their follow up book which I refused to review. See the review and flame @:

4. Destiny Matrix by Jack Sarfatti

Maverick scientist Jack Sarfatti has found the quantum wave function within his patented megalomania, transcribing it into arcane calculations to dazzle/distract us with. If this Mensa Bozo were to ground his useless brilliance in something beneficially pragmatic, like free energy technology, I would reconsider his so called ‘Magnum Opus’ . However after the interview I did with him for Paranoia and realizing just how addicted to self aggrandizement he truly is, it's very unlikely. Please check out the confessional @:

5. Time and the Technosphere by Jose Arguelles

Another con job by the 'father of the New Age'-messianic condescension pervades throughout this curious tome-a warning sign that Jose is out of touch and being played by the archons to steer 'global' consciousness in a very wayward direction. Check out my review @:

6. T.A.Z. by Hakim Bey AKA Peter Lamborn Wilson

This book has COINTELPRO written all over it. Bey gives aspiring anarchist kids a new name for their apathy and indifference by calling it a T.A.Z. or Temporary Autonomous Zone. One of the suggestions in this highly suspect book that the author gives is to take a crap in a bank lobby, assuming somehow that this is an act of radical protest. What the drug retarded Bey doesn’t consider is that MINIMUM WAGE JANITORS WOULD HAVE TO CLEAN UP THE MESS AND NOT THE CEO’S. Hakim is so out of touch with reality that he should be sentenced to life as a Wal Mart greeter along with Jean Baudrillard.

7. Science and the Akashic Field by Ervin Laszlo

Laszlo is another out- of- touch scientist who attempts to dazzle us with his hyperdimensional barmecide feast. A card carrying Club of Rome member-one should read between the globalist lines of his book or at least access the akashic records to see what is really up with the gu in the fishiness department. See the review @:

8. Going Deeper by Jean Claude Koven

It didn’t take me long to realize that this is a very deceptive, Luciferically inclined book. My intuitions were confirmed while reading the afterwards of this novel about a talking dog who conveys all sorts of ‘metaphysical’ wisdom to a neophyte pilgrim on the spiritual path. In it, the author indirectly confesses to having associated with Scientologists, Andrija Puharich, etc.

See the review @:

9. The Truth Behind the Christ Myth by Mark Amaru Pinkham

More Luciferic deception evidenced by the author’s uncritical inclusion of cult leader Elizabeth Claire Prophet in this work-which should be sufficient enough of a warning sign that he is promoting lower astral plane chicanery-whether consciously or not-does not matter-we must keep our guard up. Stick to Sergei O. Prokofieff and Rudloph Steiner and Yogananda if you want the skinny on the real Christ.

10. Cloak of the Illuminati by William Henry

One of the most glib ‘spiritual’ books I’ve ever encountered-high level, sophisticated spin job but deceptive in a Luciferic way-particularly in the word play/etymology department. It was pleasant/entertaining to read overall-but I could never grasp what Henry’s true intent was-considering the metaphysical verbiage he uses to weave us into an Illuminati cloak of his own making. Don’t let your guard down with this one.

Jaye Beldo writes for Girls and Corpses, Mysteries Magazine, Paranoia and New Dawn. He has discussed his work on WGN radio, BBC and Capital Radio London, Red FM Ireland, The Mob Australia and WLW Cincinnatti. On the WWW he has appeared on the Robin Zodica show, Untamed Dimensions and Vyzygoth's Grassy Knoll. He can be reached @:


Joan d'Arc said...

Acharya S is both intelligent and sensitive. This is not a "review" but a personal attack on the author. Others have tried to explain this to Beldo but he just deletes the comments. Now he has pulled out the same olde "review" and decorated it for Christmas.

He sees fit to correct his mistatements about L. Ron Hubbard but the myth of Jesus the Avatar stays intact in his mind. This is obviously Beldo's "don't go there." There are a lot of shills in this "review" - by shills I mean excuses for Beldo's inability to go there.

I appreciate Jaye's review of my books, but I also feel that if you can't review a book from an non-emotional standpoint, you shouldn't review the book.

Beldo is completely insensitive to millions of people who have been crucified to make the Jesus myth more real::: "If it really was that they indeed pulled off the Jesus con, then Kyrie Kudos to those crooks!"

What? Beldo wants us to be sensitive avatars. Then he continues to badger, bully and kick Acharya S personally when she's down. His answer is to read the completely nonsensical Rudolf Steiner to get your head on straight.

I think there are demons talking to Beldo. Quick, someone get the exorcist!

Jaye Beldo said...

I am addressing the premise of the book and not the book itself-in the form of an essay, not a review-which I should have made clearer when I first published it. I could never 'prove' the existence of Christ and would never attempt it. Just as Acharya could never ultimately disprove his existence. I am addressing non-tangible things such as spirit, inspiration as found in art and literature inspired by Christ. I am also addressing the reductionistic nature of her book-which I made an honest attempt to read but found to be so dry and boring and one dimensional that I couldn't-hence my essay instead of a book review. In order to appreciate my take on Acharya's work, you have to understand that I was indoctrinated with militant feminism in college-which basically expresses hatred towards anything that is male/western oriented so her book really pushed some buttons in this dept. because I sensed that she was just out to destroy western culture in one fell swoop. It took me years to unlearn this feminist crap but once I did I could start enjoying beauty once again- warts and all. If anything needs to be exorcised from me and crucified, it is the demons of hate based feminism.

It is obvious that Joan hasn't read Steiner-who has some very sensible things such as bio-dynamic farming for example. Have you ever eaten a bio-dynamically grown apple? Exquisite.

p.s. please fill me in on correcting mis-statements about L. Ron Hubbard.

-Jaye Beldo