Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Uncle John "JT" Tully on Mark Cuban


Yesterday, Mark Cuban gets hit with the insider trading charge - the charge that eventually sent Martha Stewart to jail.

On October 17th, Cuban announced on his personal blog that he was starting a new website called Bailout Sleuth. From his blog, he says:


Its job is simple, keep an eye on our taxpayer dollars and call Bullshit when necessary.

if you take a trip over to Bailoutsleuth you can see that its already time to call BS. In the first contract handed out, in this case to Bank of NY Mellon Corp, the compensation section is blacked out.

Sad. So very sad, that we couldnt make it a week without being afraid of the very taxpayers who are footing the tab for all of this.

Bailoutsleuth will try to publish every day in keeping up with how our taxdollars are spent and the people and companies that are impacted by this program. We are still a work in progress and look forward to your comments , feedback and tips.

Don't wonder why Cuban has the SEC knocking on his door.

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