Wednesday, December 29, 2010

FT names Steve Jobs as Person of the Year
FT names Steve Jobs as Person of the Year
Samir Makwana, Dec 24, 2010
Noted for coming up with three revolutionary products

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been titled as Person of the Year by Financial Times. Widely know has the visionary for Apple products who has taken some crucial decision to roll out one of the best products of this decade in mobile and computing segment. Be it iPhone or thin MacBook Air, Jobs was the one to uncover it publicly. Side-lining the modern age nerd Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, few decades back Steve Jobs played a formative role in popularizing the personal computer and made Apple's public offering at the young age of 25.

TIME did make into news and faced some heat after naming Facebook's young CEO Mark Zuckerberg as the Person of the Year. Three years ago, Apple's iPhone changed the way we interact with the phone and then followed the iPod touch that has still left many portable media player way behind in the competition. Earlier this year we saw the 9.7-inch screen bearing iPad tablet that continued to be the top searched term, heavily admired, and secretly desired product of this year. Steve Jobs has been credited for continuously tapping the demand for right gadgets at the right time and perfected to suit average user's requirements.

Yes, Jobs has been heavily criticized for limiting the features in the Apple products and taking decision on behalf of millions. Apple products love them, hate them or try to resist them. You can't ignore them. That's what Steve Jobs has created and bred in the technology domain.

Recently US President Barack Obama cited Steve Jobs as an example for a person who Americans should "expect to be rich" as an incentive for others.

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