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Genius Inventor Nikola Tesla's discovery forces you to harness the FREE 200 Million Volt battery the power company has tried to keep hush-hush for the past 109 years...

If you can screw in a lightbulb and flip the switch... you can start generating electricity to power your entire house in 48 hours...

Dear Green DIYer,

The power company does not want you to read this letter.

To be honest, I don’t either.

I don’t say that to be mean, but I’m really sticking my neck out with this one. You see, this 87 year old invention is a threat to every power exec around. Especially the big boys.

This is an invention you won’t hear about in the news, papers, or even history books. In fact, the power companies have been doing their best to squash every hint of this invention since the days of J.P. Morgan (1930s).

To be frank, this is a controversial message. You see...

Nikola Tesla's Secret Device Could Bankrupt Every Major Power Company In A Matter Of Days!

When Nikola Tesla uttered the words “I have harnessed the cosmic rays,” JP Morgan (the Bill Gates of the time) went ballistic. He ripped every cent of financial support away from Tesla.

All because Morgan didn't like the fact that he couldn't continue to exploit his customers... over and over again..

With no money, and no investors (thanks to Morgan) Tesla died a penniless failure in a dirty hotel room. Shortly thereafter, his unlimited electricity device was acquired by the Alien Property Custodian - even though he was a US citizen!

That machine and this free energy technology has been buried ever since.

But now...

I Have Uncovered A Device To Harness Unlimited, Untapped Electricity Anywhere!

This device is going to cost some very rich people a lot of money... but I’m alright with that.

As an off-the-grid scientist, I’ve been poring over Tesla’s plans and finally had a breakthrough. I realized that Tesla’s genius was best if you make it... step-by-step! So, I’ve taken the original plans and made them about as easy as flipping a switch.

Now you see why the power company hates me. These plans could financially cripple the large power companies by providing free electricity to the entire world!

But that’s not all Tesla’s device can do! It can:

Power up your household appliances, which means you could slash your energy bills forever.

Take the power with you, giving you the ability to take camping, on road trips, etc.

Create Off-grid backup power, so when you are faced with citywide energy blackouts you'll be the only one in your neighborhood still with power.

Ultra-Green Energy, there are no emissions, no fumes, no waste and it doesn't pollute. Even solar panels create environmental waste in the manufacturing process.

Create Energy Rain or Shine! Unlike solar panels, you can be creating free energy day or night, rain or shine.

Blow away your family and friends when you pull electricity out of thin air! They'll be looking everywhere for the wires.

"Pulling Power 'Out Of Thin Air' Is Ridiculous... Right?"

Here's How It Works:

The idea you can pull power from thin air is absurd. After all, you can’t make something out of nothing. The laws of physics can’t be broken. Right?

Bear with me and I’ll explain:

The secret lies in the sun.

You’ve been thinking about the sun all wrong. Instead of going through all the hassle of changing the sun’s heat into power, think of it as a massive battery with over 200 BILLION volts ready to flow!

The sun is a massive, white-hot ball of energy with a positive charge. A couple 100 million miles away the Earth is spinning with a negative charge, sucking energy through a “solar pipeline” that funnels about 4,500,000 watt-hours of power - non-stop!

But, that brings up an important question...

If there’s so much power hitting the Earth... why hasn’t some scientist figured this out?

Well... they have. Scientists know exactly what is going on in the Earth’s ionsphere. But there’s a massive complication that rears its ugly head:

Think about this... scientists researching power systems work for... power companies. Power companies aren’t going to research anything that will run them out of business.

Not to mention, Tesla was possibly the smartest electrical engineer in history. Before him, most of the energy hit the Earth’s ionsphere, bounced off and floated uselessly in space. His device - along with a couple of my personal modifications - make it easy to plug-in to this practically infinite battery!

You'd Be Crazy Not To Use Tesla's Generator

With oil prices climbing to new highs, and only going higher, this couldn’t have been uncovered at a better time for you. The fact of the matter is, pretty soon you’ll be forced to use alternative energy sources... or live in the dark.

The problem is, “going green” seems to take way too much green ($)... Solar panels are thousands of dollars. Not to mention maintenance, cleaning and you still won’t have power on a cloudy day!

However, Tesla’s free energy works anywhere in the world, rain or shine, night or day.

The Only Man Smarter Than Einstein!

Unfortunately, Nikola Tesla was too brilliant for his own good. He had plans to power the entire world, and that threatened a lot of fat cat’s bank accounts. So, JP Morgan and his high-rolling friends did their best to wipe Tesla’s company and his name out of the history books! (That’s why you won’t see his picture on TV or school textbooks.)

But, Tesla is still a part of our daily lives (he is sometimes called the “Father of AC Power”). His technology is just too powerful to ignore.

Each color TV on the planet has a Tesla coil nestled inside - every wire exactly the same as his original design.

He single-handedly had more of his technology stolen than any other inventor. In fact, Marconi got rich using 17 of his patents to launch the radio revolution. (Mysteriously the Supreme Court ruled Marconi invented it first - even though he patented it 30 years after Tesla!)

Thomas Edison’s entire DC empire was torn down by Tesla’s alternating current ideas. Edison was so desperate that he resorted to public displays of shocking harmless animals in a last-ditch effort to prove how “dangerous” AC power was.

The bottom line is even though JP Morgan and his cronies couldn’t succeed in suppressing AC power... they locked up Tesla’s most advanced power generator and threw away the key.

That’s all about to change.

I want to offer you...

Unlimited Free Energy For The Rest Of Your Life - Guaranteed!

Once you have your Energy Generator built, you'll be able to capture unlimited free radiant energy and start to slash your energy bills.

Let’s assume that your home is pretty green, and energy efficient. Right now you’re probably spending around $100.00 per month on your energy bills. That’s $1,200.00 per year!

With the Tesla Free Energy Plans, you'll be able to slash your energy bills! Putting thousands of dollars back into your families budget.

Get Started Today!

Tesla Free Energy Plans
Easy To Follow Tesla Free Energy Plans
Available Today At Special Pricing

•Step-by-Step Instructions make this a fun, simple Do-It-Yourself project that can slash your energy bills.
•Create Your Own Free Energy to run appliances, tools or for backup power in case of blackouts.
•Easy To Build - After a few simple 21st Century modifications, the Tesla energy generator is now a simple DIY project.
•Build Your First Energy Generator for Under $100 - You can get all the parts from your local Radioshack or electronics store.
•Perfect for the “Non-Handyman” type of person. This was ultra high-tech in the 1900s, but today it’s easy! Plus, unknown materials that cost thousands back then, are now readily available for pennies on the dollar.
•Works Rain or Shine! That means you can generate free electricity all the time, even when you’re sleeping or on a cloudy day!
•Create power anywhere - even if you own a cabin miles away from civilization! (Extremely important for places where solar is impossible).
•Bring A Mini-Generator camping and use it for mobile power - while protecting the planet from harmful emissions!
•Learn the biggest mistakes people make when trying to create their own Tesla energy generator! (This is crucial if you want success the first time around.)

Get The "Tesla Free Energy Plans" Today And Recoup Your Investment In The First Month!



Preview of The Only Answer To Tyranny
Dr. Leonard Coldwell and Dr. Sam Kennedy

Something is wrong in America.

You’ve known since the economy tanked in the Fall of 2008.

It was an amazing sight…..

On television stations across the nation, hordes of “trusted” politicians (forgive the oxymoron), looking every bit like shell-shocked children waiting for Daddy in the woodshed, confessing utter bewilderment over the cause of the collapse, the size of the debt, and the prognosis for a proposed $700 billion “bailout.”

Even one politician caught staring at the headlights would have been remarkable, but an army willing to admit ignorance was alarming.

For once, they weren’t lying.

Even they were shocked at their inability to rummage an excuse when the economy touted as the strongest in history collapsed in a single weekend over a lone report of a sole corporate bankruptcy (AIG). They could not find the words to even speculate about the consequences of having built an economic house of cards completely devoid of substance. Staring into their eyes was like looking into a dark alley on a moonlit night.

Like most of society, they were struggling with the one thought that no one was asking aloud: how bad can it get? You could see the question banging around their skulls looking for the exit.

Could the fabric of our lives simply disintegrate, leaving us with no money, credit, food, electricity or fuel, and desperate to survive? Remarkably, the men supposedly in charge had not a single answer to posit. For the first time in memory, the entire sound bite depository had been overdrawn.

But you knew the answer of course, by their silence: “Yes. You bet it can. Everything you value, everything you think of as normal, your entire way of life, American abundance and the very world at large, can collapse overnight without warning.”

You knew that in a heartbeat. Although such thoughts were unthinkable for most of your life, you knew that the American Dream was on the precipice of disintegrating into the American nightmare like global empires past. All that false bravado you had been fed for so many years was instantly revealed to be just so much intellectual arrogance.

One day, the train that powers the world. The next, poof, the little engine that couldn’t. No wonder the politicians were trembling. No wonder you will want to read this book. No wonder people have lost faith in government. They have earned your disdain.

In their moment of silence, all became clear: nothing was as it seemed.

While you were toiling at work and raising the kids, someone had raided the cookie jar.

It was all so apparent as they struggled to comprise coherent sentences. You knew, even if they didn’t, that we were—we are—hanging by a thread.

Once the dam bursts, the entire society as you know it will be left with nothing but empty pieces of paper it once pretended were money. That much was clear. You just don’t know why. That is the question that burns inside you. If you just knew why, maybe you could do something about it.

Well, here’s why

The Only Answer to Tyranny will answer these questions and more.

Why has America been marooned in a pandemic global coma since 1933?

What was the weapon of mass destruction which wickedly reduced the value of your money in 1913?

Why do the American people owe trillions of dollars, the most massive debt in history by far, to the Federal Reserve System?

Why was the so-called $700 billion bailout the Fed’s Rubicon, the moment in time when the banking predators chose to exit the curtain, expose their depravity and even attract the contempt of fellow central bankers worldwide?

Why is every Federal Reserve Note used to buy tangible goods and services an IOU?

If you choose to read The Only Answer to Tyranny, be forewarned. Your life is likely to change dramatically. Awareness cannot be repealed. The changes will be overpowering, and hopefully in time empowering, transforming you from slave to free man, subject to sovereign, helping you reclaim the sovereign being as your natural heritage, endowed by your Creator with unalienable rights long antecedent to all forms of government, reclaiming the being which all these years has lived under the pretense of freedom.

What will you choose?

If you decide to proceed, forget your hat. Grab the defibrillators and open your mind to the possibility that everything around you is a mirage of “legal” fictions perpetrated to benefit others. In that event, I will make every effort to ensure that The Only Answer to Tyranny will serve as your crash course in the kung fu of life and the remarkable remedy that is unfolding at the time this book is being written...

Leonard Coldwell is considered as one of the leading authorities of self-help education for cancer patients and is called by many authorities the worlds leading expert on cancer. Dr. Leonard Coldwell is the most endorsed holistic and alternative doctor. His cure rate for so called incurable diseases in Europe is legendary. After sixteen years as a General Practitioner in Europe, Dr. Coldwell left general practice to concentrate on his applied research in stress and stress related diseases, with particular emphasis on cancer and other “incurable” diseases.

While in Europe, Dr. Coldwell was the author of eight best selling books, countless articles, and hundreds of self-help audio programs. He remains a syndicated columnist with more than seven million readers and continues to author one of the most successful and widely distributed self-help newsletters in Europe. Over two million people have attended his life enhancing seminars. An independent statistical institute estimated that Dr. Coldwell worked with over 35,000 patients.

He hosts the widely popular radio show The Dr. Coldwell Report. He and his co-host, Kelly Wallace, bring you eye-opening and health-saving shows on modern day issues that affect the world. He has some of the most sought after guests covering topics related to health, healing, and fighting for patients’ rights. With a listener base in the tens of thousands each week, Dr. Coldwell is one of the leading voices when it comes to staying well and keeping well naturally.

Dr. Coldwell and Kevin Trudeau

Dr. Leonard Coldwell is the personal physician for Kevin Trudeau in Europe and is the original Natural Cures Doctor. Kevin Trudeau is the New York Times #1 best selling author of: Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About. Throughout his book, Mr. Trudeau refers to Dr. Coldwell andendorses Dr. Coldwell’s system for nearly every health challenge.

Prof Dr. Peter Lange the President of the Charitee in Berlin (equal to the NIH) says: “My colleague Dr. Leonard Coldwell is the David Copperfield of his field.” Politicians, presidents of many of the largest companies, a Nobel prize winner in medicine, celebrities and people from all walks of life are among some of Dr. Coldwell’s patients, clients and students...

Dr. Sam Kennedy is the author and founder of The Restore America Plan which made national headlines on April 2, 2010 by issuing warrants arresting the commercial bonds of America’s state governors thereby rendering them personally liable for their actions. As the former host of “Take No Prisoners,” the flagship syndicated radio program credited with bringing truth and freedom technology to listeners around the world, Sam has unique credentials to reveal the remarkable inside story in which a handful of courageous Americans were secretly recruited by high ranking U.S. officials to defeat the rapid decline to catastrophic global economic collapse and World War III. With forty years of writing, journalism and law credentials, Sam has managed to make this shocking book agreeable to logic and reason, answering your innermost questions about banking, politics, law and the economy using official public records. As creator of “The Attorney Repellant Package,” a popular CD seminar used worldwide to repel law suits, summonses and even subpoena’s, Sam is infamous among the nation’s bar associations and courtrooms for ending their stranglehold on the American people. Prior to dedicating his life to freedom, Sam was the director of a New York facial pain center specializing in treating children suffering head pain. As a devout Christian, Sam offers this book in glory to the Lord, that our children may inherit the American dream of our forefathers. He can be reached at TheRestoreAmericaPlan@gmail.com.


EMAIL- accounting@krosspublishing.com

Snail Mail:

P.O. Box 99 717 Lambs Creek Rd Mansfield PA 16933



The USA's largest build to order pet cage manufacturer...more sizes and options than ANY other cage systems!

We do cages BETTER, because cages are ALL WE DO!


As a family owned and operated business, we put a lot of personal dedication and pride into our enclosures and accessories and are proud that our customers world wide can have the ability to create the ultimate habitat for their pets. Most of our aluminum and stainless steel materials are made in the USA as well as our cages, with materials bought from many suppliers close to our facility in northern Wisconsin.


Over the past ten years we have worked tirelessly to design, modify and re-design our cage system. We have used over a dozen engineers, tested countless prototypes and materials, used computer generated strength analysis, and spent thousands of hours on our design to ensure it has the proper strength, durability and functionality. We have proprietary patents, we invented our bird and reptile cage design, we own the tooling, and nobody else can copy our cage design.


Trusted by Jack Hanna, used on Extreme Home Makeover, Pimp My Ride, by Humane Societies nationwide and the Make-a-Wish foundation on multiple occasions, CagesByDesign is trusted by and has sold more build-to-order bird, reptile and small animal cages sold than anyone, anywhere!



Nestle Waters

Deer Park
Ice Mountain
Poland Spring

Order by phone



Face Wrap™ gives you an all-natural, non-surgical, facelift. Similar to the popular Body Wrap, this face lift without surgery tightens the skin and sculpts the face as it draws out impurities from the pores. It’s a mini face lift and deep cleanse that you can do at home. As Seen in NY Times!

The Face Wrap's proprietary mineral formula has been used in salons for over 35 years and in over 10 million Body Wraps. Now exclusively available in a home kit, The Face Wrap™ all natural facial sculpting system is ready for you to use at home. No painful face lift surgery or expensive doctor visits, just a few weeks of continued use and your skin will look less puffy, sculpted, lifted, younger, and more rejuvenated. It’s a 100% safe way to help you get the long lasting results you’re looking for with face lift surgery. Transform your face today without surgery and turn the clock back 10-15 years.

More on this non-surgical facelift

The Face Wrap is a brand new facial treatment sweeping the nation. Written in the NY Times, the Face Wrap is essentially a non-surgical facelift which also pulls impurities out from the skin as it is applied. This mini facelift is a great puffy eyes solution which will help you effortlessly get rid of your double chins. Furthermore if you are tired of you puffy cheeks this non invasive face lift is the perfect solution.

Based upon a salon formula used for thirty five years, the Face Wrap now allows you to have salon quality skin care in your own home. The application of the Face Wrap is incredibly simply and easy to use. A mini facelift for your own personal use. The true beauty of the application is that it will have you looking more sculpted, less puffy, lifted and most importantly younger. There is no easier method to helping regain a younger you. The Face Wrap puts an end to double chins, puffy cheeks, and puffy faces. All without the pain of a traditional facelift.

Look at our testimonials, you will see countless quotes from customers who are overjoyed at the results they achieved and the ease with which they achieved them; achieved them from home, and without any invasive procedures traditionally associated with the benefits the Face Wrap systems gives you.

By using select minerals the Face Wrap dramatically repairs your face’s texture by making it smoother and tighter across your visage. Best of all the Face Wrap is 100% safe way to get facelift results without invasive face surgery. Please contact us today to get your first Face Wrap experience.



Best value! VIPRE Antivirus is high-performance antivirus software that doesn't slow down your PC like older, traditional security products.

Cutting-edge proactive protection against malware threats including; viruses, adware, spyware and rootkits.

Does not slow down your PC
All-new technology: antivirus + antispyware engine
Full protection against email-borne threats
Ideal for Netbooks that need malware protection
No automatic credit card charge each year!
Only $29.95
1 year, 1 PC

Antivirus + Antispyware + Firewall
Total protection! VIPRE Antivirus Premium is high-performance antivirus + antispyware software with an integrated firewall. It doesn't slow down your PC like other security products.

Does not slow down your PC
New antivirus + antispyware engine with firewall
Advanced anti-rootkit technology
Cutting-edge Proactive Protection
Full email protection: Outlook and Windows Mail
Ideal for Netbooks that need malware protection
No automatic credit card charge each year!
Only $39.95
1 year, 1 PC

Support Forum: http://supportforums.sunbeltsoftware.com

Web: http://www.sunbeltsoftware.com/SupportForm

Telephone: US/Canada 877-673-1153 or 1-727-562-0101



Founded in 1999 – and based in Baltimore's historic Mount Vernon neighborhood – Stansberry & Associates Investment Research is an independent investment research firm, with subscribers in more than 100 different countries.

Stansberry & Associates has more than two dozen research analysts and assistants at our headquarters as well as at satellite offices in Florida, Oregon, and California. These folks have worked in the financial industry as stockbrokers, mutual fund vice presidents, hedge fund managers, and equity analysts at some of the most important money-management firms in the world.

Our analysts follow a range of investment strategies, including value investing, maximizing income, following insider trading, investing in energy and resources, short-selling and options trading, and investing in biotech and medical technologies.

Unlike Wall Street investment banks and brokerages, we are completely independent. We only publish investment research. We do not solicit banking business. We do not provide brokerage services or manage money.

We believe that's how the investment business should be, no hidden interests or secret agendas. We simply publish our best investment ideas. And our customers only stay with us if these ideas work.

Stansberry & Associates Investment Research, LLC. 1217 Saint Paul Street, Baltimore MD 21202

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