Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Book of Aquarius

The Book of Aquarius was anonymously emailed into Forgotten Books in March 2011. The book itself is remarkable. In it the anonymous author claims to be making the Philosophers Stone, which he or she claims is a real and physical object capable of turning metals into gold and silver, and making any person who eats it live forever. The author includes a full theory on how the Philosophers Stone works, and includes detailed practical instructions on how to make it youself!

We have given you 4 ways to read the book. You can read the full text online here, or you can download it in PDF format, or a ZIP file containing the original files in RTF format, or you can download an MOBI format ebook to read on your ebook reader (compatible with Kindle). To read the ebook on your Kindle just drop it into the Documents directory with your Kindle attached to your computer.
You can also read the PDF version at The Konformist:

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