Sunday, April 24, 2011

Manny Being Manny

When people look back on the career of Manny Ramirez, what will they remember? Is it the lifetime .312 batting average, 555 home runs and 1831 RBI? Is it the 12 All-Star selections? Is it the 21 grand slams, second only to Lou Gehrig at 23? Is it his 28 post-season HRs, the most in MLB history, and playoff heroics that lead him winning the World Series MVP in the magical 2004 Red Sox run, as well as helping another victory in 2007?

Sadly, what he'll be most remembered for is being the first player busted twice for PED violations in 2009 and again this month, the threat of an 100 game suspension inspiring his sudden retirement. (He allegedly also failed a test in 2003.) Or perhaps they'll remember his often destructive behavior. That's a shame, because at his best, whether helping Boston defeat the curse of Babe Ruth or briefly bringing Mannytown to Los Angeles, Manny was one of the most talented sports oddballs this side of Dennis Rodman...

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