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Mothership Connection

Underlying all spiritual movements is an esoteric system of thought that's often obscured by the movement's own public rhetoric.

Few movements have been less understood than the Lost-Found Nation of Islam established by W. Fard Muhammad July 4, 1930 in Detroit, Michigan.

Most people are familiar with the Nation because of charismatic members like Malcolm X, boxer Muhammad Ali, singer Joe Text and Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Some of the Nation's doctrines have shocked and horrified the general public while fascinating those who are sympathetic to its goals.

All of the Nation's teachings are actually symbols and myths that serve as codes for deep, universal truths.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad inherited the leadership from Master Fard Muhammad who was, himself, believed to have succeeded Noble Drew Ali.

All of these men held Masonic titles, i.e., noble, honorable and master. As masons, they'd taken vows of secrecy and could not reveal the deeper wisdom to the uninitiated.

So they spoke in codes.

So deep and multilayered were those codes that few, to this day, have a notion of what they were really teaching.

"I am the Supreme Ruler of the Universe"

When Elijah Muhammad met Master Fard, he asked, "Who are you?"

Master Fard replied, "I am the Supreme Ruler of the Universe."

The spiritual masters often say things like that, things that blow our minds. Such masters are not lying. We simply don't understand what they mean.

Jesus made a similar statement: "Be of good cheer for I have overcome the world."

The "universe" that W. Fard Muhammad ruled is represented by his astrological influences. In 86% of us, the signs and planets rule us. But the 5% who reach mastery rule, by consciousness and will, their astrological configurations.

Each of us, consciously or not, constantly creates the universe in which we live. A master, however, controls what she or he creates by controlling the input into the subconscious generator. Please see Seth Speaks for a complete discussion of how every person creates and co-creates the universe.

Every person can become "the supreme ruler of the universe" by developing their spiritual abilities as did Jesus and Master Fard Muhammad (and many others).

Before UFOlogy became popular, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught that a large spaceship had been built "to destroy the white man's world." He called this spaceship "the Mother Plane." He also referred to it as "the Mother of Planes." The various parts of the ship were build in factories across the world, but the workers had no idea of what they were actually building. It was eventually assembled in Japan in 1929.

Often, when Mr. Muhammad was dropping a part of the secret wisdom, he'd let out a little chuckle before finishing a sentence.

The Mother plane, he taught, was one-half mile by one-half mile in size. It stayed primarily in outer space but entered the Earth's atmosphere every six months "to take on air."

The purpose of this Mother Plane was to "destroy the white man's world."

In Nation of Islam esoteric symbolism, white, black, red and yellow "people" were symbols of states of mind. Very few people in the Nation, however, knew that most of the doctrine was given metaphorically and symbolically. The rank-and -file membership considers the teachings to be "actual facts."

We will return to the "white" man a bit further.

The Mothership was piloted by "Black men 4 1/2 feet tall." (I don't know where the women were during those extended orbits.)

There were 1500 "baby planes" on the Mothership, each plane possessing three bombs.

Those bombs had drills on their tips and, when deployed, would drill a mile deep beneath the surface and, upon explosion, force up a mountain a mile high.

The Messenger taught that such bombs were used to separate the Moon from the Earth 66 trillion years ago.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught that Ezekiel's vision of wheels was a vision of the Mothership.

The 4500 bombs would all strike land. None, Mr. Muhammad taught, would fall into water.

America was the first nation the Mothership would attack. Before striking and releasing its bombs, it would drop leaflets printed in English and Arabic warning of the coming destruction.

Some unspecified time later it would emit a high-pitched, piercing sound to warn that the attack is imminent. At that point, it was too late. The destruction would commence.

When I first learned of these things I wondered what the purpose of the warnings were and why, in America, would Arabic leaflets be dropped. Few Americans read Arabic.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad once gave a strong clue that the Mothership material was symbolic. He wrote that Master Fard Muhammad told him that the ship flew 40 miles above the Earth's atmosphere but that he thought that the 40 miles was a sign of his own 40 year mission.

Upon reading that, I wondered: "If the 40 miles high is a sign, how much more of this teaching is also symbolic?"

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught that there were two safe places to which people could repair to survive the destruction brought on by the Mothership.

After the bombing, America would burn for 310 years and require 690 years to cool off. After the destruction, a "new world" would be born and "a new God" would bring in "a new Islam" and "a new Quran."

Mother of Planes

In speaking of the "Mother of Planes," Mr. Muhammad provided a clue that he was really speaking of planes of consciousness, not physical spacecrafts.

In Qaballah wisdom the planes of consciousness were named Assiah, Yetzirah, Briyah and Atziluth. Assiah incorporated the physical plane and the lower part of the astral plane. The mentality focused upon that plane was called "the Asiatic Black man."

The astral plane is the "mother of planes" because the astral plane becomes impregnated by all the consciousness seeds and eventually "gives birth" to a physical event or object. In addition, spiritual development has to commence from the level of the astral or mother plane.

The astral plane was identified with the Virgin Isis, the Virgin Mary and other "mother goddesses."

It is the consciousness plane that includes alpha states, trance states, dreaming states, daydreaming states, and emotionally charged states.

The Mother Plane, then, represents the trance state of consciousness. By cultivating such altered states, all the peoples in the world participated in producing elements of the universal spiritual wisdom.

No single nation developed all the wisdom-elements alone. Each cultivated a part of the universal truth. So The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught that parts of the Mothership were build in factories all around the world.

Some people mastered the use of herbs and plants, others mastered use of sounds and chants, others mastered astrology, martial arts, hatha yoga, tantra, use of gems and stones, energy manipulation, pranayama, spiritual dancing etc. But when they are all assembled and used in their appropriate place, then we have a "vehicle" that can take us to "the new world."

Japan is symbolic of joppa, a yogic meditation technique which involves chanting a work of power (mantra) repeatedly until a trance state is attained.

Assembling the Mothership in Japan represents the use of joppa to unity all the various spiritual techniques.

The year 1929 symbolizes 19 forces and 29 Arabic letters and lunar days.

Upon it are 19. And we have made none but angels to be friends of the fire.

-Quran 74:30-31

There are 19 energy points on the Microcosmic Orbit which accord with the 12 zodiacal signs and seven "personal planets."

There are 29 Quranic surahs which begin with mystic letters that actually form mantras.

The 29 Arabic letters are mantras that are used to achieve high spiritual states, especially when used on their appropriate day of the lunar month.

½ x ½ = ¼. The Mothership's size simply encode the four cardinal signs which, back when most of the spiritual language was developed, were Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio and Taurus.

The fellows operating the craft were said to be 4 ½ feet tall. Four and one-half represents the number of breaths per minutes one must breathe in order to achieve the lower level of waking trance (which is rather like lucid dreaming without falling asleep).

In the Western Hemisphere people breathe at an average of 15 breaths per minute. These are 15 hundred baby plane, i.e. each breath is a subplane of consciousness.

The bombs are symbols for mantras. Three bombs represent the three breaths per minute which results in full waking trance.

At three breaths per minute (while mentally chanting a mantra) the ego (the symbolic "white man") succumbs and one's awareness of and focus in the physical world evaporates.

That is what The Honorable Elijah Muhammad meant by the Mothership destroying the white man's world.

In the spiritual language, killing, destroying, sacrificing et al. doesn't really mean doing such things literally.

For example, the Egyptian symbol for Amen was a ram on a sacrificial offering tray. Once the symbol was well-known the offering tray alone meant a ram being sacrificed on an offering tray.

The ram symbolized the sexual urge, the urge to ejaculate. Sacrificing the ram didn't mean killing or extinguishing the sex function. On the contrary, many Amen-level masters were quite sexually active. Ram sacrifice meant controlling, refining, sublimating the sexual function by transforming it into a more spiritual (tantric) level.

Taoists achieve this in the Enlightenment of Kan and Li practices.

The ram itself symbolizes Aries which is ruled by Mars and which, astrologically, controls the sex organs, energy and activity.


Conscious awareness is often equated with light and depicted by the color white. In the West the ego dominates the consciousness. Mr. Muhammad used "white man" as a symbol for the part of the psyche called the ego.

There were a total of 4500 'bombs' on the Mothership. forty-five hundred is just a code name for the same 4.5 breaths a minute that is also symbolized by the 4 ½ feet height of the Ship's crew.

Each bomb (mantra) goes a mile deep under the Earth. That symbolizes the fact that mantras effect the subconscious mind.

The hour drew near and the Moon was rent asunder.

-Quran 54:1

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught that "a Black scientist" blew up part of the Earth by digging a shaft to the center of the Earth and filling it with dynamite. This scientist was upset because he couldn't get everyone to speak the same dialect. So he tried to destroy the world. But he only succeeded in getting part, the current Moon, to break off and drop its water down to the Earth.

I won't delve into all of the heavy symbolism here. Suffice it to say that Earth/Moon united equates to a whole mind: spiritual/rational, left and right brain hemisphere etc.

Sixty-six trillion years equals 12 zodiacal signs (6 + 6 =12). After the world split off from the astrological paradigm, people's spiritual and rational consciousnesses were no longer integrated, i.e., "the Moon [spiritual consciousness] was separated from the Earth [rational consciousness]."

The same kind of bombs, taught Mr. Muhammad, would now be used to 'destroy the white man's world." Dynamite symbolizes "dyn" (pronounced "deen"), an Arabic word which is usually translated "religion."

America being "destroyed first" actually conceals an important code. America would become foremost in spiritual development as an eventual balance to its overweighted technological focus.

Land and earth often stand for concrete thinking. When the Honorable Eljah Muhammad said all the bombs would hit land and not water, the meaning is that they'd end a materialistic view of the universe.

Most English translations of the Quran are written with English on one side of the page and Arabic on the other. The Mothership's leaflets, then, really refer to the Quran. Once a person achieves trance/Mothership consciousness she can understand the Quran at a very different level.

The sound that the plane emits is code for the high-pitched sound that is sometimes heard in meditation. Eckankarists call it the Flute of God. The Quran refers to it as "a single compelling cry." This sound announces the arrival of a very deep level of trance.

After that the "bombs explode," meaning that the mantras succeed in reaching the deepest subconscious regions. Sometimes the meditator experiences becoming enormous in size. This expansive effect on the energy body is "the mountain a mile high."

At the waking trance state the physical world ceases to exist, it is metaphorically destroyed.

That the Mothership enters the atmosphere every six month (1/2 of a year) is a sign that the first level of trance commences at breathing 7.5 breaths per minute. This brings on mediumistic trance.

Seven point five breaths per minute are ½ of the 15 breaths per minute people average. That is encoded by the Mothership's entering earth's atmosphere "to take on air" every half year.

The two places that are safe represent the two primary spiritual approaches: trance cultivation and energy development.

Using gematria, America's 310 years of burning amounts to 4(3 + 1 + 0 = 4). The four represents the four sons of Horus, four cardinal signs, four directions, four fundamental chakras, four elements (air, fire, water and earth) and four "wives" of Islam.

American's "burning" symbolizes the kundalini heat that ignites the chakra centers at the heart (Leo/fire), throat (Taurus/earth), sex organs (Scorpio/water) and third eye (Aquarius/Air).

The 690 years of cooling amounts to the number 15(6 + 9 + 0 = 15) and describes the meditator's eventual return to normal breathing patterns and the cooling down of the kundalini heat. The 15 becomes the number 6 (1 +5 = 6) which, according to Elijah Muhammad, is the number of creation (Cf. Theology of Time by Elijah Muhammad).

In later writings, Mr. Muhammad discussed the Mothership in nearly astrological terms. He discussed the wheel (solar system) within the wheel (galaxy). In that respect the wheel refers to the circular movement of chi in the Microcosmic Orbit.

All of the Nation of Islam teachings are symbolic, even those which sound distinctly political or economic in nature. The symbolism is the power within the teachings -- which Mr. Muhammad called "the germ" -- that has such an attractive force upon many people. Master Fard Muhhamad used to call those teachings "mathematical theology."

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught that every human being was actually a god who had lost the knowledge of himself and was living a beast (i.e. astrologically influenced) life. When we decipher what the great teachers actually meant when they taught we can put those ancient and modern truths into practice to actualize the god experience in our lives.

"I'm down here in the mud and nobody can see me."

One of the last times I saw the Honorable Elijah Muhammad he was giving a Savour's Day speech. I happened to be sitting in the third row next to Muhammad Ali who was seeking reinstatement into the Nation.

Mr. Muhammad seemed to stop his main subject and look at me. Then he said, "Brother, I'm down here in the mud and nobody can see me." There seemed to be deep sadness in his voice.

It is highly unlikely that the Messenger was speaking directly to me, but that is how it felt.

For years I pondered what he'd meant. Much later I learned that "mud" is an ancient symbol for material and I have no doubt, now, that Mr. Muhammad was saying that his teachings were only being viewed as material teachings and that nobody could see the advanced spiritual science inside those seemingly material ideas.

Mr. Muhammad once said, "I'm a preacher. My ministers will be the teachers."

No prophet, sage, seer or messenger interprets himself. That task is left to the people who work with his teachings and explain them to later generations.

Most of the world is suffering a kind of spiritual anguish. If we grasped the deep ideas that sages like Mr. Muhammad brought and put them into practice we could heal the world, eliminate suffering and advance to the next level of human evolution which is intended to culminate in our experience of divinity.

Caucasians and Asians have just as much right to benefit from Mr. Muhammad's spiritual science as do Africans for, despite what would seem obvious upon the surface, Mr. Muhammad was not just for Blacks. He signed all of his later letters and official statements, "Messenger of Allah to you all."

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