Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Philosopher Stone


(Melchizedek Communique, MC032411) An anonymous author claims to be making the Philosopher's Stone. His 129-page manuscript is being evaluated. The manuscript, The Book of Aquarius, is available at no cost at the following link:

The Philosopher's Stone, also referred to as the Stone, can be either the White Stone or the Red Stone. Claims the anonymous author, "...for a lasting effect the Stone should be ingested (eaten) daily, else your body and mind will begin deteriorating again. If ingested it will cure all disease, and in higher concentrations will make an old person healthy and fitter than they were even in their youth."

This seems astonishing enough, but the anonymous author goes on to claim, "Taken regularly in high concentration, it will be unnecessary to eat, drink or even breathe. Although these may be done anyway. The body will never grow old."

There have been claims for persons such as Cagliostro that they had lived hundreds of years. Aging baby boomers cherish hopes that they will live much beyond the Biblically-alloted 3-score and 10 years. But the anonymous author here seems to be saying that through the Philosopher's Stone one need never die!

In 2005, authors Philip Gardiner and Gary Osborn published their book, The Serpent Grail (London: Watkins Publishing, 2005). Gardiner and Osborn had discovered "mounting evidence" supporting their theory that the Elixir of Life, the Philosopher's Stone, and the Holy Grail not only were more than stories but "worked in precisely the way described in ancient myths and legends." But Masters of the Craft used metaphors to hide the true facts about the Grail.

Serpent cults appear to have once been worldwide. For example the serpent mound in Ohio bears witness to a long-ago snake worship. The island of Rhodes, said to have once "swarmed with snakes," in fact once swarmed with snake followers. Quetzalcoatl was the plumed serpent god of Central America. Ailing like King Arthur, he sailed away on a barge but promised to return as the "once and future king." Serpent worship was once common in Ireland until Christianity’s dominance systematically wiped it out.

When Jesus promised "eternal life" He may have meant more than an after-life in the Beyond. What secrets did He learn from Egypt during His years there? The Bible is notably silent on those years. Jesus may have been a "snake handler," similar to how some Appalachian religions also involve snake handling. Various saviours have offered "eternal life." This may have a medicinal meaning besides a spiritual one. Aesculapius, said to have been a man-god, knew how to revive the dying (and even the dead) by using the blood or venom of a snake. The Rod of Aesculapius features one twining snake. The Caduceus, emblem of modern medicine, includes two twining snakes.

The Naasenes, a sect which flourished ca. 110-140 AD, were the Nazar, the Guardians, associated with the serpent. "Nazar" also links with the Nazarenes. There was no city of Nazareth, and Jesus of Nazareth translates as Guardian of the Serpent. Trained by the Therapeutae in Egypt, Jesus was known as the "Son of the Serpent." ("I am the Lizard King." -- Jim Morrison) The "wine and gall" offered to Jesus at the crucifixion was blood and snake venom, meant to strengthen the Lord. Nicodemus applied aloes and myrrh to the body of Jesus in the tomb to expel the surplus poison. Jesus left behind his shroud in the tomb, like a snake shedding its skin, when He "rose from the dead." The Turin Shroud symbolizes the "sloughed skin" of the Lizard (Wizard) King.

The Grail is associated with the Holy Ghost. It occupies a crucial mid-point between positive and negative cycles, called the zero point. Consider a sine wave. It undulates like a snake, going above and below an arbitrary line. At the point where the wave crosses the line, opposites are momentarily united or canceled out. Since the point has no dimension, it both does and does not exist. The zero point represents eternity, sexual fusion, and annihilation of mundane consciousness. At that point where opposites are in balance, a portal opens between Heaven and Earth and the Holy Ghost is seen. The Grail Castle represents that portal. Stonehenge, the "Revolving Castle," may have hosted Grail mixing bowl ceremonies. Avebury, near Stonehenge, is believed to have been a "Serpent Temple." Avelon, to which destination Arthur, the Wounded King, finally went, seems to have been Avebury.

The Grail, according to Wolfram von Eschenbach's account (Parzifal), is a stone brought from Heaven to Earth by the Neutral Angels. Those angels did not take sides in the battle between God and Lucifer. The Neutral Angels may also be "The Watchers" a.k.a. the "Nephilim." In Ireland they were called the Tuatha de Danaan, "Shining Ones" and early inhabitants of Eire. St. Patrick did not chase the snakes out of Ireland, he chased the Tuatha de Danaan from the land. Knightly battles with dragons also echo the theme. The Tuatha de Danaan brought four items with them into Ireland: the Sword of Lugh; a magic spear; the round Stone of Destiny; and the cauldron of their god Dagda. (Swords, Wands, Disks, Cups, of the Tarot deck; a.k.a. Spades, Clubs, Diamonds, and Hearts, of the playing card deck.)

The Elixir of Life is mixed in the Grail. Snake venom and snake blood are said to be the two ingredients. The blood, besides making the venom harmless, yielded a powerful medicine, it is said. That medicine, if Gardiner and Osborn's theory is correct, cured diseases and even extended life. The Phoenix which rises from the ashes is paralleled by the Dove (Holy Ghost) which visited the Grail Castle once a year, on Good Friday. This day is in other words the Vernal Equinox, a zero point on the sine wave (snake wave) and having potency as opening a portal between Heaven and Earth. Extremes of the sine wave occur at the Winter and Summer Solstices.

In the 19th century, "snake oil" was peddled. Mostly, no actual snake oil was contained. Real snake oil was praised and said to be beneficial to health. It is known that American Indians used snake oil for various health problems. Modern medicine has been cautiously examining health products derived from snakes. In 2008, a mass mailing for a then-new magazine, "Science Illustrated," included the following: "Snake Venom: It's a tremendously deadly weapon, refined over the course of more than 100 million years. It kills tens of thousands of people every year. And thanks to new research, it may soon be the basis for cures that save the lives of many more." Various dilutions of snake venom are now being tried for pain relief, hypertension, and as an anti-coagulant. Products of snake venom may even dramatically boost the immune system. For the ancient, vanished people of the Grail, dilution of snake venom with the snake's own blood, which apparently contains an anti-venom, may have been an effective cure-all.

Is this the Philosopher's Stone sought by the anonymous author? His manuscript is still being evaluated by Melchizedek Communique. (Note: This editor speaks as a layman and no medical advice is being offered.)


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