Thursday, December 1, 2011

JFK Facts


JFK fact: Oswald was no ordinary Marine. He studied Russian at the corp's elite spy school and had a high security clearance.

JFK fact: While Oswald was in USSR, someone in U.S. used the name “Lee Oswald” to buy a fleet of vehicles for anti-Castro rebels.

JFK fact: When Oswald returned from his USSR “defection,” he was not prosecuted and did not lose his top-secret clearance.

JFK fact: Oswald's tax returns are still classified. Speculation: He was a paid informant for FBI, handled by agent James Hosty.

JFK fact: Oswald had no known left-wing pals in Dallas or New Orleans. His closest friend was right-wing oilman, associate of G. Bush Sr.

JFK fact: There are three, not two, backyard photos of “Oswald,” each with identical shadows and expressions, despite different poses.

JFK fact: Days before Oswald's arrest, ex-Marine Thomas Vallee was arrested with a rifle on a high-rise parade route in Chicago.

JFK fact: At least seven Secret Service agents were out drinking until 5 a.m. on the morning of the assasination. None were reprimanded.

JFK fact: Future presidents Nixon and G. Bush Sr. were both in Dallas' Dealey Plaza on the morning of assassination but left beforehand.

JFK fact: Oswald's prints were not found on the rifle until days later, after feds visited his corpse with a long bag and an ink pad.

JFK fact: Oswald had no traces of gunpowder residue on his cheek to indicate he had fired a rifle.

JFK fact: The top US marksman, decorated marine Carlos Hathcock, declared that Oswald's supposed shooting feat was impossible.

JFK fact: The army's top ballistics-and-wounds expert, Dr. Joseph Dolce, said no bullet could cause seven wounds and emerge so pristine

JFK fact: More than a dozen doctors and nurses from Parkland testified that JFK's throat wound was caused by a shot from the front.

JFK fact: Oswald was interrogated by Dallas police for 12 hours, yet nothing he said was recorded or transcribed.

JFK fact: Jack Ruby was an anti-Castro gun runner and a longtime mobster who was involved in a murder for Al Capone in 1939.

JFK fact: Jack Ruby talked to reporter/acquaintance Seth Kantor at Parkland Hosptial on Nov. 22, the day the bullet was found on stretcher.

JFK fact: The bullet mysteriously found on a hospital stretcher had no trace of anyone's blood or clothing fibers on it.

JFK fact: The presidential autopsy was performed at gunpoint by a first-time pathologist who burned all his notes afterward.

JFK fact: The president's brain, which would show the entry and exit points of the bullet(s), is missing from the National Archives.

JFK fact: CIA agent E. Howard Hunt confessed in a deathbed recording that there was a conspiracy to murder JFK.

JFK fact: It is the official position of the US gov't that JFK was killed by a conspiracy, as per the House investigation of 1979.

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Anonymous said...

I have always believed that JFK was shot from the front in the fatal shot. Common sense is all it takes looking at the film of that shot, JFK's head flew back and to the left, a shot from the rear would have caused the reverse results. POINT BLANK: Our government has lied to us for years and continues to lie to us today. Why would you spend millions or billions to become a politician unless you were going to benefit significantly later on. Our votes don't matter, our next president has already been chosen. Wake up America and take your country back!