Thursday, December 1, 2011

FeedBack: King-Kill 33 & James Shelby Downard

Hi. Here are some corrections in regard to Shelby's publishing career:
The first edition of "Apocalypse Culture" published in 1987 by Amok Press contained Downard's "King-Kill 33°" which was edited by Michael A. Hoffman II.

The "Expanded and Revised Edition" of "Apocalypse Culture" that came out in 1991 through Feral House contained another essay by Downard, "The Call to Chaos: From Adam to Atom." Fortean writer Bill Grimstad assisted with the editing of that article.

The "Secret and Suppressed" book, first issued in 1992 with Jim Keith credited as its editor, contained a Downard article, which he kindly sent to me for that purpose.

My "Cult Rapture" book, published in 1994, contained my article about Downard when I visited him in Memphis. The photograph on your article was mine of him standing in front of his house.

In 2006 we finally got around to publishing a portion of Downard's autobiography through Feral House: "The Carnivals of Life and Death."

Robert, thanks for the post.

Adam Parfrey

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