Thursday, December 1, 2011

Robalini's Week 13 NFL Picks

Here's my results for week 12
W-L-T record: 3-5
Season record: 48-40-3

Philadelphia Eagles (-2 1/2) Over Seattle Seahawks

The Eagles have had a frustrating season, but even with Michael Vick out (Vince Young is no slouch) they should take care of the Seahawks...

Buffalo Bills (-1 1/2) Over Tennessee Titans

The Bills have lost four in a row, but they're still a sound team. Look for them to rebound against the Titans in Buffalo during a cold December game...

Baltimore Ravens (-6 1/2) Over Cleveland Browns

The Ravens have underperformed this year against lowly teams like the Browns, but Cleveland is a hated rival they won't have trouble getting jacked up over...

Atlanta Falcons (-2 1/2) Over Houston Texans

Points spreads don't fairly reflect the loss of both Matt Schaub and Matt Leinart at QB for the Texans...

New Orleans Saints (-9) Over Detroit Lions

Ndamukong Suh sure picked a bad time to be suspended, with the Saints offense looking almost as frightening as the Packers...

Denver Broncos (Even) Over Minnesota Vikings

Watching Tim Tebow play football is like watching David Caruso on CSI: Miami. To call what Caruso does on that show bad acting is unfair to the profession of acting, as Caruso in no way behaves like anything resembling a real human being. And yet, he is hypnotic to watch. Likewise, Tebow is horribly inaccurate, to a degree where the haters are almost correct in declaring he has no business being an NFL quarterback. But he doesn't make mistakes (only 1 interception in the seven games he's played at QB) and he's 5-1 as a starter. Make that 6-1...

Dallas Cowboys (-4 1/2) Over Arizona Cardinals

Tony Romo is still not getting the credit he deserves for how he's turned his season around...

New York Giants (+7) Over Green Bay Packers

Does my masochistic hatred of the Packers have any limits? I am 1-4 betting against Green Bay. But the Giants are playing at home and have low expectations. History has shown New York tends to deliver goods in that situation...

San Diego Chargers (-2 1/2) Over Jacksonville Jaguars

Here's what I said in my Week 7 preview on San Diego: "Meanwhile, the Chargers are 4-1, a shockingly good record for a team notorious for starting slow in the Norv Turner era, more impressive because their only loss is against the omnipotent Patriots. And yet, they oddly don't look particularly strong this year, either on the stat sheet or the eyeball test. Go figure." They are 0-6 since my analysis. But I figure that to turn around finally against the Jags. Maybe they aren't as good as 4-1 suggested, but they aren't as bad as 4-7 either...

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