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Konformist Book Club: Piso Christ

Introduction to the book 'Piso Christ', by Roman Piso

Hello, and welcome to this website. This site is here to help you to familiarize yourself with the book 'Piso Christ'. We will be giving you some background here and other information regarding the book 'Piso Christ'. Our goal is to help everyone gain a working knowledge of the true nature of the history of the time in which Christianity was created and eliminate any doubt that anyone has about the truth about Christianity.

The book 'Piso Christ' was many years in the making and there have been several people who have helped to make it possible. We hope that you will find this website to be a valuable resource and that you will want to share this information with others. Thank you. Our kindest regards, Roman Piso & Jay Gallus

What Piso Christ is About...

Jay Gallus and I realized that we had to get this information out there so that everyone would finally have access to this information. To understand the whole scope of what happened in the creation of Christianity one must first have a good understanding of the people involved in it, the true context of the time and place, what the motivating factors were, and a great deal more. We are used to seeing programs on TV which tell us about astounding feats from ancient times such as inventions and pyramids, incredible mathematic understanding, astronomy and so forth. But on those programs we are told that this was the work of aliens or of some lost civilization, giving the impression that these things were not accomplished by ordinary human beings. To think that is to not know what was really going on in ancient times.

It is true that many things were known, discovered, and used in ancient times which would seem to us to have been produced before their time. However, when you realize that in the ancient world, there were basically two sets of people, royals and non-royals, you begin to also understand that royals had vested interests to protect and that they, by necessity, devised methods and means by which to retain their status. One of the first things they learned was that they had to preserve knowledge only for themselves. This is because they realized that knowledge is power. So, while all royals enjoyed the best possible education and learned about all the things which had been known, discovered and invented, by the same token, they were doing what they could to keep that information from the general public or non-royals. But even this was not enough. It was not enough to keep the common people uninformed, but they had to make certain that they could not think and reason properly either. And so, they began a process of dumbing-down the masses to insure that they would be ignorant and superstitious.

For thousands of years, among these royals, psychopaths were born. And from within, with all the knowledge and power that royals controlled, these psychopaths carved out the world as they would have it be. They created religion. And perhaps the greatest psychopath of all, Arrius Calpurnius Piso, designed and created Christianity. He was a very ruthless, mean and vindictive person, but he never let anything get the best of him, he was always on top of everything. He was always several steps ahead of anyone else. The book 'Piso Christ' gives some important information about Arrius Calpurnius Piso and his family, and how it was that they had created Christianity. Arrius Piso played the part of Jesus in the New Testament as a way of mocking the person who he felt was his worst enemy; Jesus, son of Gamaliel I. Jesus, the son of Gamaliel I was a High Priest of the Pharisees. He was going to succeed his father as leader of the Pharisees and in a sense, become a real-life messiah. Not one who worked miracles or who claimed the be the son of God, but one who would help institute a profound change in the world. Arrius Piso feared that Nero would leave the Roman Empire in the hands of Jesus. Arrius Piso managed to kill both Nero and Jesus. He probably killed Gamaliel I also.

As most people who know their first century history already know, Nero was killed in 68 CE. Gamaliel I had died in 63 CE, and his son Jesus was slain in Jerusalem in 63 CE. What would have changed had these men lived and were successful with what they planned to do? We may never know completely, but because of all of my research into this, I have some idea. Firstly, the Pharisees were highly ethical and intelligent. You may say that they were not so much religious as they were humanist. They were perhaps the world's first real and true secular humanists. Yes, they pretended to be religious on the surface, but it is my opinion that they had to create that facade in order to survive in that time and place. The true force and thrust of their thoughts were humanist and ethical, not religious.

So what were the Jews (meaning Pharisees and their allies) fighting for? They were against slavery. And so, that is one thing that they would have changed. They knew that it was not right to use and treat other people as anything less than what they are; human beings. They taught this in their ethical teachings. So, they sought an end to slavery throughout the Roman Empire. They helped the slaves throughout the Roman Empire to escape and revolt. They were against torture and inequality, and sought to put an end to that as well. And finally, another way that they would have changed the world is to do away with kings and other rulers who assumed their positions simply through royal birth. They would have given the world the means to thrive and to learn by giving democratically elected representatives a chance at positions which were formally only held by royals. And, of course, all of the accumulated knowledge, wisdom, inventions and the books containing all of that information would have been available to everyone and not only reserved for royalty. All people would have been able to have the best education possible and know about all the things which were done before, all things which had been invented, devised and used. What a different world it would have been.

But Arrius Piso was a psychopath and did not want this to happen. So, he set about to make a plan which would insure that it would not happen. And a large part of that plan included creating a new religion which would prevent people from thinking outside of the little box that he would trap their minds within. Most people today still do not truly understand just what a psychopath is or what they are capable of doing. Many people only have the idea that they are people like serial killers who usually get tripped up, caught and put in prison. This is far from the truth. There are different levels of psychopaths. Some kill people directly and do it themselves. Others do it in other, different ways, sometimes by having others do it for them. And still others, just destroy lives and kill people slowly over the course of time by torturing them to death; sometimes by using marriage in order to do it. Arrius Piso was a most horrid psychopath. And like many psychopaths, he was a megalomaniac and could not help bragging about the things he did and got away with. That is how we are able to piece together the puzzle (the "mystery of the gospels") that he left us about how and why he created Christianity.

The book 'Piso Christ' covers many of the most important things that people should know about all of this. The reader of Piso Christ will learn a great deal about the Piso family and their relatives. They will read about the power play that was going on at the time and which was the reason that Arrius Piso had to create a new religion as a means of controlling and manipulating the minds of the masses. He devised it to be exactly as he needed it to be for his purpose. For instance, he instituted the use of a confessional so that the leaders of the Church could act as informants and give him and his family information on who, when and where their might be a revolt or counter attack in the war that was going on then. It is a completely awful thing once it is exposed to the light of day. And absolutely essential that each and every human being know about. The complexion of Christianity, once the truth is known, changes to the exact opposite of what believers have thought it to be - the world's greatest horror.

What would a ardent Christian believer think if they were to learn that the very person that they looked upon as their savior was actually a psychopathic murderer who upheld slavery, torture, murder and genocide? And so, by the invention of their religion kept the world from progressing and thriving as it should have? Many would resist the thought. But what if it were simply undeniable? Eventually, even if some believers would never consider this to be the case, many would indeed realize that this is actually the truth. And upon learning the truth, would have to agree, as we do, that the "truth shall make you free." I don't just want people to learn about this, I want them to do their own research. I want them to inform others of it. Again, I think of this as essential information which every person should have and know about. It took me many years of study to reach the level of expertise in all of this to confidently state all that I do in the book Piso Christ. The book Piso Christ is only one book of many that I have written on the subject of ancient history. With the help of people like you, we will finally be able to educate the world to this terrible tragedy and reveal Christianity (and religion in general) for what it really is. Let me both congratulate you and thank you for having read this and for reading the book Piso Christ. Please remember to post links on your site/s to let others know about this and tell friends and family what you have learned about Arrius Piso and Christianity.

Best regards, Roman Piso & Jay Gallus

POSTSCRIPT (by Roman Piso)

Why do I think of Christianity as the horrible thing that I do? Because I can't help but think what a wonderfully beautiful world we could have been born into today had it not been for Arrius Piso and Christianity. The progress that it took the world 2,000 years to achieve would have been attained back then. I think of all of the generations of people whose lives were basically wasted believing whole-heartedly in lies while being kept in complete ignorance of all of this. I think of all of the lives, energy, money and resources wasted. I think of all of the people who read the bible and took it literally, who, like non-thinking zombie-like drones "went forth and multiplied" causing the population explosion that we are experiencing today. I think of all of the non-renewable natural resources which were used up, used unwisely and unnecessarily, simply because there are too many people with too little knowledge and wisdom. I think that it is a fantastically horrible thing that religion and Christianity particularly, has done to the world. It is absolutely essential that people wake up to this now; or we may never be able to undo the damage. Of all the years, lives and contributions lost to humanity because of this, we owe it to ourselves to make certain that a) this is learned and understood by all, and b) that we do our best to make up for all that was lost. Think of all the Popes who took, tortured and destroyed lives, of all the wars fought over the issue of religion, of all the division between human beings caused by it and things resulting from it. The world never had to be this way. It was made this way on purpose, by one single psychopath and those who helped him those many years ago.

I ask that you please share this information with those you know. If you are a member of a club or organization, you can print this out and bring it with you to show those who may likewise be concerned.

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Jaye B said...

More vapid causistry of the Acharya S. variety. These guys are gutless hacks at best judging from the poor writing found in this fly by night press release.
The reality is that the Piso family was vibrationally freaked out by the real Christ and spun a story as a part of their damage control and to hijack a nascent Christianity as well. Any one who falls for the crass ploy the authors push is just as spiritually inept as they are. They'll suck anything for a buck.