Friday, November 19, 2010

Great Quotes: Jane Hamsher on MSNBC

"Look, Barack Obama is the quarterback and he called the play: 'We’re not going to give tax cuts to the wealthy right now.' He had his deficit commission chairs report yesterday in that clown car report, and they’re making a big deal about how we have to be responsible about the deficit. This is his chance to message clearly: We cannot afford to extend the deficit by seven hundred billion dollars over the next ten years to give tax cuts to millionaires. Make people in the House and the Senate who are millionaires go in and say, 'We’re going to cut Social Security for old people, we’re going to cut Medicare, but you now what? The one thing we’re going to make sure we have is expanding the deficit so that we don’t have to pay the taxes that you guys do.' Make that argument. Even if he loses — sometimes you win by losing. And at that point, what Democrats stand for and what Republicans stand for becomes clear. And if you’ve got Democrats joining Republicans, you know, then at least you’ve called them out. But you made a distinction, you stuck by what you believe in. And that’s what people want to see Barack Obama do. There’s no leadership there."

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