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10 Facts Aboout Mcdonald’s Fast Food Restaurant You Should Know

10 Facts Aboout Mcdonald’s Fast Food Restaurant You Should Know
June 15, 2009 by alisonpeters

Is McDonald’s as innocent as it claims to be? These 10 facts may make you think twice about eating out.

Many of you have heard controversy about McDonald’s fast food (what they’re doing to obesity, they’re taking over the world, etc. etc.) Though most of these facts do not pertain to McDonalds/obesity, these ten facts can be pretty interesting.

1. McDonalds calls people who eat their food more than once a week “Heavy Users.” And to be honest, it’s often true!

2. The first Ronald McDonald was fired for being too fat.

3. McDonalds has restaurants in over 100 countries.

4. 40% of all of American family meals are eaten outside the home.

5. 1 in every 4 Americans eat at a McDonalds on a daily basis.

6. Almost all nutritionists don’t approve of eating McDonalds more than once a month.

7. You know all those toys Toys R Us sells? McDonalds sells more toys than Toys R Us each year.

8. With all the tests scientists did, they came to the conclusion that many children can recognize McDonalds before they can even speak.

9. Despite what the advertisements say, only 7 foods on the menu completely lack sugar. Even the salads and apples have sugar.

10. To me, this is the most shocking: We as Americans eat over 1,000,000 animals an hour. This includes cows, pig, sheep, turkey, chicken, all animals.

I don’t mean to pick on McDonalds, many of these facts are probably true for other fast food restaurants, but McDonalds is the most widely known fast food restaraunt (as proven by fact 3.) So next time you eat at a fast food restaurant, try to remember these facts.

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