Wednesday, December 1, 2010

“all I want is the Truth…”

Three Days of Alternative Knowledge - February 4th, 5th and 6th, 2011

On February 4th and 5th 2011, the Center Stage in Atlanta hosts The Truth Convention & Symposium, the largest, most complete assembly of speakers on all things left out of the American mainstream — aka The Truth. Unique among similar conferences, TheTruthCon collects in one event the best experts on the wide variety of extra-normal experience, from the Science of Consciousness to Anti-Aging, Holistic and Preventive Healthcare; from Resonant Energy to the 2012 enigma; from the fundamentals of the Constitution to UFO disclosure and the ufological origins of the Military Industrial Complex. Act now! Very limited passes are available to these three days of must-see alternative information, which impacts everyone but that only a few can see in the totality as presented at this conference. The Truth, the WHOLE truth, and nothing but.

The Truth Convention
P.O. Box 76797
Atlanta, Georgia 30358
347-47 TRUTH

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I adore your website – nice job!