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Ronnie Chasen & Star Whackers

(Melchizedek Communique, MC112610) Ronni Chasen, a 64-year-old Hollywood professional shot to death (but not robbed) on the streets of a city with no murders last year is a suspicious thing, admits They offer "The Five Latest Ronni Chasen Murder Conspiracy Theories," but do not include the most obvious "star whackers" connection. [1]

Randy and Evi Quaid seek asylum in Canada. They claim they need to get away from so-called "star whackers," a shadowy group the couple insist are out to kill them and whose victims have included Heath Ledger and David Carradine. On Tuesday, November 23, 2010, Canada's Globe and Mail newspaper reported "Randy Quaid will celebrate Christmas in Canada after his refugee case was adjourned until next month." [2] Theorized previously by Melchizedek Communique was that the "star whackers" allegedly pursuing Randy Quaid are the same group who killed Ronni Chasen. (Background: "Star Whackers Killed Ronni Chasen?"

Britain's Daily Mail newspaper reports, as of November 24, 2010, "Ronni Chasen murder: Conspiracy theories abound as new CCTV footage of publicist in unidentified car comes to light." A private detective had been staking out the building where Ms. Chasen dwelled. The shamus was shadowing the building on a case unrelated to the Hollywood doyen. An incidental video shows Ronni Chasen driving someone else's car 19 days before she was murdered. [3]

Daily Mail reports one lead being pursued: that Chasen's killing was a contract murder. The Russian Mafiya is suspected. [3]

The amazing Sorcha Faal reported on November 20, 2010 that a "bizarre Federal Security Service (FSB) report circulating in the Kremlin" states that "a mysterious Hollywood cult called the ‘Star Whackers’" indeed are responsible for the murder of Ronni Chasen. Faal claims the "star whackers" are "being protected by US police and legal authorities." If so, "the plot thickens," as they say. [4]

Further suspicions of a Russian Mafiya connection to the "star whackers" are offered by Faal. Oksana Grigorieva, the sultry Russian siren who lured Mel Gibson onto the rocks of his own destruction reportedly has long been suspected by Russian intelligence "of being 'closely associated' with the British Intelligence Service MI6 who have long battled against Mel Gibson’s growing popularity..." [4] (Gibson's movie "Braveheart" championed Scotland and savaged the English king "Longshanks." Doubt was cast over who sired the subsequent English king.)

The URL for Sorcha Faal's startling report:

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