Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Wild Ones

The Wild Ones

FSAS's unofficial splitter cell, The Wild Ones, along with their instantly recognisable character The "Bandit Kid" are responsible for some of the slickest clothing designs to come out of sunny California. Checkout The Wild Ones graffiti influenced clothing designs for yourself!

The Wild Ones Clothing

The Wild Ones (TWO) are an unofficial organisation formed by a group of designers from the Famous Stars And Straps (FSAS) camp. The Wild Ones aren't officially sanctioned, but pretty much do as they please.. the reason: due to the very nature of The Wild Ones design influences. Graffiti throw-ups, street tagging, Illegal sticker-bombing on street signs form the very basis and core influence of The Wild Ones. The "Bandit" design comes from the illegal nature of what The Wild Ones get up to and the need to hide their identities. Officially, The Wild Ones started off as a street team to promote Famous Stars And Straps, but it didn't take long before The Wild Ones took off as an entity in its own right, and spawning its own followers worldwide. Today, there are Wild Ones armies all over the world, and each of them getting up to no good.. .


The Wild Ones Clothing said...

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