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Amityville Horror – The Night The Government Murdered The DeFeos

Disclaimer: This website must be presented as fiction. What is described on this website could never occur in America. Anyone stating otherwise can be publicly discredited, imprisoned, institutionalized, forcibly medicated, or murdered.

The Amityville Horror saga consists of the November 13th 1974 DeFeo family mass murders in which the oldest son of the DeFeo family went from room to room in the middle of the night killing his family with a shotgun. The murders baffled many experts because it appeared that all six members of the family simply stayed in bed when the gunshots started. A total of eight shots were fired and none of the family members ever got out of bed and made an attempt to make a run for it or put up any type of struggle. All family members were found in their beds and sleeping on their stomachs as if the gun shots never woke them from their sleep. Investigators originally suspected the family was drugged by the oldest son but autopsies showed no such drugs were present in any of the victims.

The second part of the Amityville Horror saga is the Lutz family haunting that occurred beginning on December 18th, 1975. The Lutz family purchased the DeFeo house for a bargain price about a year after the DeFeo murders and moved in. The Lutz family thought they had just purchased their dream home but the dream turned into a nightmare and the Lutz family was forced to flee the house after only 28 days. While the Lutz family lived in the house they claimed to have experienced supernatural forces that made living in the house impossible.

The town of Amityville is hiding a terrible secret that will shock and scare Americans more than the Amityville Horror movies did. The secret has been hidden from the pubic for decades until now.

This is a fictional account of the DeFeo murders and the Lutz haunting.

Part One: The DeFeo Murders

The England family is a powerful, prominent, and influential family in town of Amityville. The England family has strong roots in Amityville, being one of the founding families of Amityville. Andrew and Agnes England enjoy their lives living at their luxurious home on Ocean Avenue in Amityville. The community is a quiet, peaceful, and friendly community.

June 28, 1965, the day the DeFeo family moved into their dream home directly neighboring the England house. Ronald Sr., a.k.a Big Ronnie, Louise, and their children moved from a small Brooklyn apartment to their new home in the affluent town of Amityville. Over the next nine years, the DeFeo family would disrupt the tranquility of Amityville causing the neighbors to wish the DeFeo family would just simply leave and move back to where they came from.

Big Ronnie and his oldest son Ronald Jr., a.k.a Butch, work at a car dealership, know as being a front for criminal activity involving the mob. People would often ask how Big Ronnie could afford to live in such an expensive house when he was just a manager of a car dealership. Big Ronnie and his son are involved in much more than selling cars, mainly illegal business activities involving organized crime.

Big Ronnie and Butch would often carry handguns and not be afraid to pull the weapons on people they were involved in arguments with. For years the England family has put up with the antics of the DeFeo family. The England's and much of the community feel that the DeFeo family is tarnishing the community, bringing in bad elements of organized crime and now even running illegal drugs into the community. Big Ronnie would often use his boat docked in the boathouse in the back of his house to rendezvous with drug runners in boats waiting along the river. Big Ronnie would bring the drugs into Amityville through his boathouse and distribute them from his dealership. Big Ronnie's second oldest son, Marc, would often openly brag to his school friends of his father's illegal drug running.

Big Ronnie would often taunt the England family. Big Ronnie knowing that his neighbors despised him would urinate on his front lawn in plain sight to show his neighbors that this was his property and he would do with it as he pleased. Agnes would often catch Big Ronnie in this crude act and tell her husband that she could no longer live next door to this animal. A rumor being told around town of Butch DeFeo's involvement in the drowning death of a man in the river also deeply disturbs the England family. Butch would often follow his father's lead and threaten to bring the mob in to settle disputes with his neighbors.

The England family is most offended by the presence of the DeFeo family in the community. The England family has been a part of the community for generations. In fact the actual property that the DeFeo house is built on once belonged to the England family. The town in the past honored the England family's presence by naming a nearby street in the England's family name. The England family is well respected, prominent, influential, and powerful member of Amityville. The DeFeo family is the complete opposite.

As the situation between the DeFeo family and the community begins to spiral out of control, Andrew feels that he must try to reason with Big Ronnie. One day, Andrew confronts Big Ronnie and tries to talk with him about his illegal activities that are adversely affecting the community. Big Ronnie snaps and begins to scream at Andrew telling him that if he interferes with his business he will bring in the mob to kill the entire England family. Big Ronnie tells Andrew that he doesn't care if his family is powerful in the town, he would have no problem with having his associates kill them all. Big Ronnie tells Andrew that he is now a powerful man in Amityville and the England family is nothing. Big Ronnie then pulls his handgun and points it at Andrew England's head asking Andrew if he wants to test him. Andrew quickly backs away and walks back to his home. Andrew is a state of shock about the incident that just occurred, feels that this is the straw that broke the camel's back. Andrew feels he must take Big Ronnie's threat seriously. Andrew picks up the phone and calls members of his family to inform them of the threat just made against the family by Big Ronnie.

It's November 1st 1973, the England family meets to discuss the DeFeo problem in Amityville. The family feels that Big Ronnie is out of control and is capable of carrying out his threat to bring in the mob to murder members of the England family. The England family must act to protect themselves and the town. A member of the England family states that there is an organization that can help them. He goes on to explain that the government covertly funds and equips groups across American to deal with people who are involved in organized crime. These groups have access to classified technology that can see and hear through walls. The group members are specially trained to deal with bad elements in communities that are harming the communities by being involved in illegal activities. A secret element of the United States government controls these groups. The secret government began covert domestic operations against organized crime beginning in the late 1960's to counter the growing influence of organized crime in America.

The member of the England family goes on to explain that if we bring this group in to deal with the DeFeo family, we must all agree that once we enter into this association with these people there is no turning back. Either we are all in or we don't dare get involved with these people. If one of us were to betray these people, there will be nowhere in the country for him to hide. After much discussion, all members of the England family agree and vow never to discuses or divulge information about the group and agree to do whatever it takes to rid the community of the DeFeo family.

A week later two agents of the secret government meet with the England family to discuss how they can help deal with the DeFeo family. The agents explain that they are part of a secret element of the United States government that doesn't exist in the eye of the law. They operate above the law and need no warrant to conduct surveillance. The agents go on to explain that they can rid the town of the DeFeo family but they will need total commitment and cooperation by the England family. The England house directly neighboring the DeFeo family will be needed to conduct covert surveillance of the DeFeo family. The agents warn the England family that if any of them betray the secret government, you will forfeit your life. The agent explains that this will be a covert domestic operation involving classified technology to conduct surveillance.

It's December 2nd 1973, the government agents begin to covertly move classified surveillance technology into the England house directly neighboring the DeFeo residence. This equipment is packed in ordinary boxes and brought in with a van. The van pulls into the garage and begins to unpack the equipment and set it up in the house. The surveillance stage of the DeFeo family has begun.

The England house is the perfect house to conduct surveillance of the DeFeo family. The DeFeo house was built sideways on the property because the house was too big to fit in a normal position.

This classified surveillance technology can electronically see and hear through walls of the DeFeo house. From inside the neighboring England house, the agents can see and hear right through the walls of the DeFeo house. All movements in the DeFeo residence and conversations can be seen and heard through the walls. The technology uses the body heat of the human body to electronically see a person through walls. Enough detail is displayed on the device's screen to actually identify a person by body detail through walls.

Several agents sit around a table in the England house monitoring the equipment and carefully studying all activity in the neighboring DeFeo house. There is no privacy for the DeFeo family from this classified technology. The DeFeo family will never be made aware they are under complete surveillance. From outside the England house, it is impossible to tell that the classified surveillance technology is being used to electronically eavesdrop on the DeFeo household.

The DeFeo family will be studied and analyzed. A complete profile of each family member will be developed. Every aspect of each family member will be observed. All interactions between the family members will be studied. The time each family member goes to sleep, awakes, leaves the house, where they go, and anything else they do will be noted. Any patterns will be noted and exploited when the attack stage begins.

In addition to the DeFeo household being placed under covert surveillance, agents have moved into a suite directly neighboring the DeFeo family business. The entire business is now under complete covert surveillance and any activity and conversations at the car dealership can be seen, heard, and analyzed.

An assassination plot is developed by the agents involved in the DeFeo surveillance. Six members of the DeFeo family will be murdered and Butch will be setup to take the fall for the murders and become a patsy. Butch is chosen to become the patsy because no one in Amityville would every doubt his guilt in the murder of his entire family. Butch is known as the community psycho and everyone would assume he is guilty. Butch's physical appearance also played a major factor in being chosen to be the patsy. Butch's picture appearing in the papers and news casts will frighten readers and viewers.

The DeFeo family is in turmoil. Butch is fighting with his father about stolen money from the business and Dawn is threatening to kill her family if she is not allowed to move to Florida to be with her boyfriend. The agents will exploit the tensions between Butch and his father. The agents arrange a robbery of Butch while bringing money from the car dealership to the bank. From the surveillance of the dealership the agents will be able to learn when Butch is given money to take to the bank. A man is in place to rob Butch on his way to the bank. The suspicious robbery increases tensions between Butch and his father. Big Ronnie feels that Butch stole and money and arranged a fake robbery to seal the money from the dealership. Butch feels his father now wants to kill him so the agents in the middle of the night tamper with Butch's car and loosen the brake lines so Butch's suspicion will intensify that his father is attempting to kill him. Even though Big Ronnie had nothing to do with the sabotage of Butch's car, Butch will become increasingly paranoid to a point that he will now develop a plot to murder his father before his father is able to murder him. The agents use the surveillance of the DeFeo family to discover other ways to increase tensions between the family members.

After almost a year of surveillance of the DeFeo family, the agents determine that now is the time to carry out their assassination plot of the DeFeo family. The plot has been carefully crafted over the past several months and a strike team has been put together to carry out the mission.

The strike team is notified that the assassination plot will be carried out on November 13th 1974 and all equipment and men must be in place to carry out the mission. The covert surveillance stage will soon switch to the attack stage.

A van with boxes of classified equipment arrives at the England house on November 12th. The van is unloaded in the garage and the equipment is setup inside the house.

The assassination plot involves using classified lethal weapon technology against the six members of the DeFeo family. This lethal weapon technology generates a confined beam of electricity that travels in a single direction just like a light laser. When the beam of electricity is fired into the chest area of a person targeted it will put the person into cardiac arrest, stopping his heart, rendering him unconscious, and eventually killing him.

The beam of electricity will travel right through the walls of the England house and then through the walls of the DeFeo house before striking its victim. No physical evidence will remain after the attack. No damage is done to either house and no physical marks on the body of the person attacked will result. A person attacked with this technology will appear to have died of natural causes. This lethal weapon was chosen because no member of the DeFeo family will leave their home alive. The DeFeo family can be incapacitated one by one insuring that no member of the family will put up a fight or be able to escape.

A targeting system is attached to this lethal weapon that can target a person through walls of a house. The same technology that is used to maintain surveillance of a person through the walls of a house has been incorporated into this through wall targeting scope. An agent will see an image of a person behind the walls of the DeFeo house and cross hairs on the screen will display exactly what part of the body that will be struck when the weapon is fired. The targeting scope can target any part of the body of the targeted person (head, hands, chest, back, legs, feet, ECT…) through the walls of his house.

The lethal weapon and through wall targeting scope are setup in a bedroom of the England house to the DeFeo house. No visual evidence of what is about to happen in the coming hours is possible from outside the England house. The surveillance technology and the lethal weapon are operated from inside the England house so no one outside the England house, including the DeFeo family, will notice anything out of the ordinary.

The assassination plot will involve firing a beam of electricity into the chest area of each of the six members of the DeFeo family, one at a time, putting each family member into cardiac arrest. All members of the DeFeo family will be placed into cardiac arrest within a minute. After all six member of the DeFeo family are placed into cardiac arrest they will be completely unconscious and unresponsive. A strike team will enter the DeFeo house minutes after the attack and rearrange the bodies of the DeFeo family. All bodies will be placed on their stomachs face down on their beds.

Then a strike team member will obtain Butch's rifle and place it in a specially built enclosure that will allow the weapon to be fired normally but will deaden the blast from the shots enough so the neighbors will not be able to hear them. This method of deadening the blasts from the rifle will not leave forensic evidence of a silencer being used. The strike team member will then take the enclosed rifle and go from room to room shooting each of the six DeFeo family members. The strike team is preparing a theater stage that will be displayed to the world through crime scene photos. The agents have decided that the female children will be shot in the head so that when the crime scene photos are shown to the jury, the jury will become repulsed and angered at the defendant, Butch.

The remaining DeFeo family members will be shot in the back. The crime scene is to be arranged so that it will appear as though Butch took his rifle and went from room to room executing his entire family.

The strike team has been rehearsing for a week on the way each body will be placed and how the body will be shot. The strike team consists of professional assassins that will carry out their mission without even flinching at the thought of shooting a child in the head.

After the strike teams executes the family members, they will clean the crime scene to make is look like Butch altered the crime scene to hide his involvement. Evidence will be removed, including the murder weapon, and disposed of in places to be discovered by police at a later time. It will appear as though Butch murdered his family, cleaned the crime scene, and then disposed of evidence.

It's November 13, 1974 at 1am in the early morning. A strike team assembles on the opposite side of the Amityville River to Ocean Avenue. The strike team changes into all black clothing making them difficult to spot at night. The black clothing is designed not to leave any forensic evidence. The team members are wearing gloves and are armed.

The team members move to a boathouse that was secured earlier in the day for them. Inside the boathouse two rubber rafts await. The team boards the rafts and one team member uses a secure communication device to let the agents in the England house on the other side of the river know that the team is in place and ready. An agent in the England house acknowledges and tells the team to standby.

The agents in the England house look through the walls of the DeFeo house to verify that all six of the DeFeo family members are soundly asleep in their beds. The location of Butch's rifle is also verified by the imaging technology. A quick scan of the other neighboring houses is also done to verify that the all the residences are asleep.

Butch is out for a night of drinking and taking drugs. He is under surveillance by agents so word can be relayed back to the England if butch should head home early.

The England family has no idea how the government agents will deal with the DeFeo family. All that is known by the England family is that the situation will be rectified and the community will be free of the DeFeo problem.

The agents in the England house notify the strike team to proceed to the other side of the river. The strike team acknowledges, and then a team member opens the boathouse doors and then the strike team begins their journey to the other side of the river.

Five minutes later the strike team docks along side the DeFeo boathouse and notifies the agents in the England house that they are at the boathouse and awaiting the execute order. The agent in the England house acknowledges and instructs the strike team to standby.

An agent in the England house has setup a lethal weapon that will fire a beam of electricity into each of DeFeo family members' chest area. This will put each of the family members into cardiac arrest and effectively render them unconscious and begin to slowly die. The six members of the DeFeo family are sitting ducks while they sleep and will all be dead within minutes.

The agent uses the through wall targeting scope to target Ronald Sr. chest area. The targeting scope is used to target Ronald Sr. through the walls of the DeFeo house. The agent has adjusted the lethal weapon so that Ronald Sr.'s chest area is in the cross hairs. The agent indicates that he is ready to fire.

The order is given to fire. The agent fires the weapon and a beam of electricity is shot through the walls of both houses and strikes Ronald Sr. in the chest area. Ronald Sr. peacefully sleeping all of the sudden gasps for air and goes into cardiac arrest and begins to slowly die. His wife Louise is still soundly asleep in the same bed and has not felt anything.

The agent then quickly retargets the weapon and targets Louise's chest area and fires the weapon. Louise then gasps for air and also goes into cardiac arrest. The agent then targets Dawn, Allison, Mark, and then John, one by one putting each of them into cardiac arrest. In less than a minute, all six of the DeFeo family members are in cardiac arrest, unconscious and slowly dying.

The order is given to the strike team to proceed to the DeFeo house and enter. The strike team quickly moves from the boathouse up along side the house to the front door. One of the strike team members stays behind to guard the rafts. At the front door a team member picks the lock on the front door and opens the door. The team enters the house and encounters the DeFeo's family dog barking in the kitchen. The dog is tied up near the back door and the team simply ignores it. The six members of the DeFeo are unconscious and unable to hear the dog.

The shooter member of the strike team heads to the closet and obtains Butch's rifle. The other team members head to the DeFeo family members' bedrooms. The shooter team member places the rifle into the custom built enclosure that will deaden the blast of each shot. The shooter then takes the adapted weapon and heads to the master bedroom.

In the master bedroom two team members remove the blankets covering Ronald Sr. and Louise. Both Ronald Sr. and Louise are unconscious and unresponsive. Both Ronald Sr. and Louise bodies are moved and rearranged into the positions according to the plan. The two team members stand back and indicate to the rifleman standing in the hallway to shoot them. The rifleman holding Butch's rifle then steps into the room and fires into Ronald Sr. and then Louise. The enclosure silences the weapon enough not to be heard by the neighbors. The rifleman then leaves the master bedroom and heads toward Dawn's bedroom.

Team members in Dawn's bedroom have already positioned her body on her stomach. Dawn is unconscious and completely unresponsive. The rifleman takes aim at the side of Dawn's head and fires. Her blood is sprayed on the bed's headboard.

The rifleman then leaves the room and heads for Mark and John's bedroom. Both Mark and John have been positioned on their stomachs and are completely unresponsive. The rifleman fires into Mark's back and then fires into John's back.

The rifleman then heads to Allison's bedroom. Allison's has also been repositioned on her stomach and is also completely unresponsive. The rifleman aims the rifle at her head and fires.

All six of the DeFeo family members were shot minutes after going into cardiac arrest and are all now dead. Their bodies repositioned before being shot in a preplanned positioned. All this is done to set the theater stage for the crime scene photos to clearly indicate that Butch used his rifle to go room to room shooting his entire family. Butch is to be made the patsy and the crime scene photos must indicate that Butch was the executioner.

The strike team proceeds to clean the house to make it appear as Butch tried to dispose of evidence. The spent rifle cartridges are collected and placed into a pillowcase from the closet. Team members proceed to Butch's closet and obtain the rifle cover and unused bullets and place them into the pillowcase. Clothing from Butch's closet is taken and splashed with blood from one of the DeFeo victims and then placed into the pillowcase. The headboard of Dawn's bed is cleaned of the blood splattered from the head shot. All bloody cloths used to clean the crime scene are then placed into the pillowcase. The cardboard box that Butch's rifle was sold to him in is obtained from Butch's closet and will be taken from the house.

The strike team assembles in the living room of the house. A strike team member verifies that Butch's rifle, the pillowcase containing critical evidence to tie Butch to the crime, and the rifle cardboard box are in their possession to be removed from the house. A team member then contacts agents in the England house and indicates mission accomplished and awaiting exit command. The agent checks to see if all is clear and gives the exit command to the strike team.

The strike team leaves the house and the door is locked. The team quickly makes their way to the boathouse where their rubber rafts are docked. The team members board the rafts and make their way to the other side of the river.

Five minutes later the team members enter the boathouse and close the doors. The team members then load the boats in the back of a waiting truck. The truck pulls away and the team members change back into their street clothes. The team member carrying Butch's rifle, empty rifle cardboard box, and the pillowcase gives the items form the DeFeo house to an agent waiting by the cars. The team members and agent then get into their cars and drive away like nothing has happened.

Agents in the England house begin to disassemble the equipment and pack it for shipment. All equipment except the surveillance equipment is packed and placed in the back of the van in the garage. Within 30 minutes the van pulls out of the England garage and drives away into the night.

Butch arrives home an hour later. He is drunk and high on drugs. He senses something is wrong as he enters the house. He makes his way upstairs and looks into the open door of his parents' bedroom and discovers the carnage. In a state of shock he quickly runs to his siblings' bedrooms and finds them all dead. He collapses and starts to cry.

Butch goes to the closet to obtain his rifle but discovers it is gone. Butch then goes to his room and discover the bullets to the rifle, the rifle's cover, and the rifle's cardboard box are missing. Butch panics and starts to realize that his family was hit by the mob and he is being setup to take the fall for the crime. Butch currently on probation contemplates that he cannot call the police because he will be the prime suspect. Butch being currently drunk, high on drugs and a felon would never be believed by the police. Butch believing he can do nothing to help his family quickly develops a plan for self preservation. Butch decides to go to work and sober up then come home at night and pretend that he has just discovered the carnage. Butch quickly runs out of the house locking the door behind him. He gets in his car and drives to work developing a plan of how to report the crime in a fashion that will not implicate him in the crime. Unknown to Butch he is being followed by in agent in a distant car.

Shortly after Butch leaves the house, an agent in the England house notifies an agent waiting in a nearby car to proceed to the DeFeo house. The agents pulls into the driveway, gets out of his car, and walks over to the DeFeo house carrying the rifle's empty cardboard box. He then picks the lock and opens the door and enters the house. He heads up to Butch's bedroom and places the cardboard box in plain sight next to the closet. The agent returns downstairs and uses his secure communication device to request permission from the England house to exit. He receives clearance. He exits the house, locks the door, and walks back to his car and then drives away. The agent drives down the street to a dock along the river and takes Butch's rifle and throws it into the river. The agent then gets back into his car and proceeds to a predetermine street close to where Butch works. The agent arrives at the street, gets out of his car, takes the pillowcase from the DeFeo house and throws it into the storm drain. The agent quickly gets back into his car and drives away.

The agents in the England house declare mission accomplished and pack up the remaining surveillance equipment. The equipment will be hidden in the house out of plain sight. The Andrew and Agnes England return home and are greeted by agents. Andrew and Agnes are instructed to get some sleep and when the police are called later in day, they should act surprised and ask questions of the police and offer the police any assistance they need. The England family will never be suspected of any involvement in the murders. The Andrew and Agnes England never had any involvement in the planning or implementation of the murders. They were simply told the problem was being taken care of.

After work Butch is now sober and attempts to implement his cover plan. He runs into the local bar and informs his friends that his parents are dead and he needs their help. Butch and several of his friends return to the DeFeo home. The police are called by one of Butch's friends after making the grisly discovery and the house is then turned into a crime scene.

Andrew and Agnes England speak to police officers at the scene and act surprised. They give the impression that Butch is a crazy psycho and a danger to the community. Andrew and Agnes were also instructed to spread negative gossip to the police and reporters about the DeFeo family. Andrew and Agnes were even instructed to use the "I" word, incest within the DeFeo family. There is no love for the DeFeo family in the community as one after another neighbors tell the police that the DeFeo family had mob connections and were considered dangerous and crazy.

Butch is taken into police custody initially for his protection but later becomes a suspect in the murder of his family after police find the cardboard box which once housed the same type of rifle used to commit the murders. Butch is beaten and tortured during his police interrogation. A detective who has knowledge that Butch is being setup by secret government agents then fabricates a fake confession by Butch and tells his colleagues that Butch has just confessed to him. Even though Butch has made no verbal or written confession and has no knowledge of where the murder weapon was disposed of, the detective uses the information given to him from the secret government agents to dispatch police officers to the dock where a secret government agent disposed of the rifle and the street intersection where the same agent disposed of the pillowcase. The police find the murder weapon and pillowcase and Butch's fate is sealed as he is charged with the murder of his family.

At Butch's trial, the verbal confession that the detective fabricated is allowed to be used against Butch. Even though Butch denies he made any confession and no other witnesses were present at the time the detective claims Butch made the verbal confession, and there is no signed confession by Butch, the judge ruled that the detective is more credible than Butch. Butch is later convicted of killing all six members of his family and is sentenced to six consecutive sentences of 25 years to life.

Having no other alternative, Butch was forced to use the insanity defense. Butch admits in court that he committed the murders but attempts to convince the jury that he was insane. Butch at his trial stated that he heard voices in the house telling him to kill his family. If Butch is telling the truth about hearing the voices he may have been being harassed by sonic harassment technology that can project audible sound through walls of a house. As will be discussed later, agents in the England house can use classified sound projection from inside the England house to project audible sound at one person through the walls of the DeFeo house.

Butch has changed his story many times during his incarceration in prison. Butch simply looks at the crime scene evidence and invents a new story each time he is offered a deal for a book or TV special.

The England family is shocked by all the media attention generated by the DeFeo murders. Never ending news articles and TV reports indicate that the DeFeo murder will not go away anytime soon. The England family originally thought that the story would be in the press for a few days and simply die and the town could return to normalcy. But to the England family's surprise, it didn't die. The secret government agents decide that a plan is needed to distract the public's attention away from the DeFeo murders and onto something completely different, a haunted house story. Many people are asking the question of how Butch DeFeo could go room to room killing his entire family in their beds and none of the victims ever got out of bed or put up any type of fight for their lives. The England family feels that the secret government went too far in murdering all the DeFeo family members, including the children, but reluctantly decide again to let the secret government agents use their house to create a haunted house hoax involving the next family to move into the DeFeo house. The agents ensure the England family that no harm will come to the next family that will live in the DeFeo house.

Part Two: The Lutz Family Haunting

It's December 18, 1975, George and Kathy Lutz have purchased the DeFeo house and are in the process of moving into their dream home. The agents have moved back into the England house and have prepared for the operation against the Lutz family.

The Lutz family has been under surveillance in their old home for the last two weeks, ever since they decided to purchase the DeFeo house. The agents have learned much about the Lutz family completely without their knowledge. The agents learn that their family priest, Father Ray, will come over to their new house on moving day to bless the house. The Father Ray feels that the house must be blessed because of the horrific crime committed in the house.

The agents have setup surveillance equipment inside the England house and are covertly watching George and Kathy move into their new home. The surveillance technology allows the agents to electronically see and hear through the walls of the Lutz home. All conversations and movements inside the Lutz home can be heard and seen by the agents in the England. The Lutz family is completely unaware that they are under covert surveillance as they unload boxes from the back of the moving truck.

A car pulls into the Lutz's driveway. A person gets out of the car and walks over to meet George and Kathy. George and Kathy warmly greet Father Ray who has come to bless the Lutz home. Father Ray walks into the house leaving George and Kathy outside to continue unloading the truck. Father Ray begins to bless each room of the house.

In the England house, agents have setup equipment that will be used to trick Father Ray into believing he is experiencing an extraordinary event. The equipment is a through wall targeting scope mounted to classified sound projection device and a weapon that fires an infrasonic bullet. The through wall targeting scope allows the agents to target a person through the walls of a house. The scope displays a detailed an image of a person behind walls and allows the targeting of any part of the person's body (head, chest, arms, fingers, legs, ECT…) from inside a neighboring house.

Classified sound projection technology can project audible sound through the walls of a house. The technology uses ultrasonic lasers to project sound through walls that only the person the device is pointed at will hear. The ultrasonic lasers act as carrier waves to transport audible information a distance away.

The weapon that fires an infrasonic bullet fires a sound bullet that is too low in frequency to be heard by humans but when the bullet impacts the surface of the human body, it will produce a collision affect that will feel like a slap against the skin. The infrasonic bullet is a short powerful burst of infrasonic sound, which some people call a focused and confined sonic shockwave. The infrasonic bullet will pass through house walls without causing any damage to the house.

Farther Ray has just walked into the Lutz's sewing room of the Lutz home. He begins to bless the room. The agent in the England house targets a side of the priest's face. The side of the priest's face is now in the cross hairs on the screen of the through wall targeting scope when the agent presses a button on the device. He then picks up a microphone and says "Get Out" into the microphone.

Father Ray all of the sudden hears a voice behind him stating "Get Out". Father Ray now startled turns around to see who is behind him and to his astonishment no one is there.

The agent now retargets the other side of the priest's face and presses another button. Father Ray now is stuck on the side of face by an infrasonic bullet. Father Ray falls back after the impact to his face. Father Ray is now in a state of shock, he just heard a voice telling him to "Get Out" and now he believes he was just slapped in the face by an invisible entity.

Father Ray tries to understand what has just happened to him. Something just hit him but there is no one there. The side of his face still has the sensation of being slapped but no marks are present on his face. What is going on here? He is confused and his heart is racing. He quickly exits the room and then exits the house. He meets up outside with George and Kathy. Still not understanding what he just experienced, he tells the Lutz nothing about it. Father Ray then instructs George and Kathy to avoid that room.

Father Ray would continue to believe for decades until his death that what he experienced in the sewing room of the Lutz home was a supernatural event. The event changed and shaped his life. Father Ray would never know the truth that it was simply classified technology used against him that day and not a supernatural event. It was simply just a high-tech trick.

George and Kathy have completed moving into their new home. Over the next 28 days they will experience strange occurrences that they will believe to be supernatural. Unknown to the Lutz family, agents in the England house, directly next door, are using classified technology to electronically look through the walls of their home. The agents have been assigned a mission: Trick the Lutz family into believing their house is haunted by using classified technology against them. Agnes England is given instructions to welcome the Lutz family into the neighborhood. Agnes walks over and greets the Lutz family and offers the children cookies. This act of friendliness is designed to ward off any suspicion by the Lutz about their neighbor. The agents want the Lutz family to feel they are welcome in the community. Once very important resource the agents like to establish is disbelief in the Lutz family that their neighbors would ever do anything negative against them. In side the England house agents have setup classified surveillance technology eavesdropping on the Lutz family in their home and Agnes walks over and attempts to befriend the Lutz family. This is a tactic used often by the agents against targeted people. Agents will become best friends of targeted individuals and when the time comes, the agents will literally stab the targeted people in their backs to bring them down.

The following is some of the classified technology used against the Lutz family:

The agents use classified sound projection technology that can project audible sound through the walls of a house. From inside the England house, an agent uses a through wall targeting scope to target George's head while he is in bed and the agent activates the device and starts a tape recording. George lying in bed and hears strange sounds being directed at him. He hears what sounds like a German marching band coming from other areas of the house. He walks down stairs trying to find the source of the sound but is unable to locate it. His wife hears nothing.

What George actually hears is not a ghost walking through his house with a boom-box but rather classified sound projection technology being used against him from the house directly next door. The sound projection technology can project any voice spoken into a microphone or audio played back from a recording. Any audible sound can be projected through the walls of the Lutz house with this technology. The agents have access to classified sound projection technology that can direct audible sound at a single person in a house or even fill an entire room with audible sound. The device fires ultrasonic lasers that easily pass through walls and are angled to combine before making contact with the targeted person. When the two ultrasonic lasers combine, a lower frequency audible sound is created that can be heard by the person targeted. The ultrasonic lasers act as carrier waves that carry audible information a distance away from the device.

The agents can use the more powerful version of this sound projection technology to fill a room with audible sound. George and Kathy claim to hear strange sounds coming from different parts of their home. What they are actually hearing is this technology filling a room in a different part of the house with strange sounds. Any type of audible sound can be projected through the walls. George and Kathy hear a loud voice asking them to "Please Stop" after they walk through their home carrying a crucifix and reading from the bible in an attempt to force the demon out of their home. Sounds of screams or any other sound that will frighten them can be projected through the walls of their home.

The agents have classified sonic harassment technology that can fire low level infrasonic or ultrasonic sound in one direction through a house. This technology can be used to shower a person's body with sound he cannot hear. A single person in a house can be attacked with this technology without anyone else feeling a thing.

Low level infrasonic sound impacting the body while a person sleeps can cause discomfort that will wake a person from his sleep or prevent a person from going to sleep. A through wall targeting scope is used to target a person through the walls of the house and when the sonic device is turned on, the person targeted will experience discomfort.

George starts waking up at 3:15 am each morning. The agents in the England house can wake any one person up at in the Lutz house with this technology. No one but the person attacked will feel a thing. George is woken up at 3:15 because this is the time the DeFeo murders are believed to have occurred. Agents in the England house wake George up at 3:15 each morning for weeks causing sleep depravation. George is awoken each morning and then looks at his alarm clock and sees it is 3:15. George starts to believe that it's an evil presence in the house waking him every morning.

The Lutz family children start sleeping on their stomachs. All six members of the DeFeo family were found shot dead while sleeping on their stomachs. The agents in the England house use the sonic harassment technology that fires low level infrasonic sound that people can't hear at one of the Lutz children if he sleeps in any other position than on his stomach. Infrasound impacting against the body while sleeping will cause discomfort when the child sleeps and will wake him up or prevent him from falling asleep. When one of the children sleeps in any other position than on his stomach, he can be attacked. The children unable to get to sleep in any other position than on their stomachs are basically trained to sleep on their stomachs. An agent in the England house uses through wall imaging technology can see the children through the walls of the Lutz home. The agents can see detailed images of the children and can tell what position they are sleeping in. When any of the children sleeps in any other position than on his stomach, an agent targets the child with a through wall targeting scope and activates the sonic harassment technology that showers the body with low level infrasound. The child targeted wakes from his sleep. This harassment technique repeated over and over will train the children into sleeping on their stomachs in order to get a good night's sleep.

The through wall imaging technology displays real time detailed images of people through the walls of a house. The agents can determine when each member of the Lutz family is in bed and soundly asleep. When the Lutz family is soundly asleep, agents can enter the Lutz house. The agents would have obtained a duplicate copy of the Lutz family house keys at this point and can simply unlock the front door and walk in.

While the Lutz family sleeps, agents can enter the home and open windows, move furniture, turn a crucifix upside-down, move a statue to another room, put flies in a room, and many other things to harass the Lutz family. The agents are in and out of the house without the Lutz family knowing.

The Lutz family complaints of finding open windows, an upside-down crucifix, and moved items in the house after they awake in the morning is not the work of a supernatural entity but rather simple harassment by government agents with the ability to tell when all house occupants are fast asleep so they can easily gain access to the house without encountering any interference from the home owners.

The George and Kathy's daughter, Missy, has an imaginary friend who claims to have lived in the house previously. The agents have classified sound projection technology that can project audible sound through the walls of a house. The agents also have very sensitive listening technology that is so sensitive that it can hear a person breathing through walls. With this technology the agents in the England house can trick Missy into believing she is having a conversation with an invisible entity. The agents talk to Missy by projecting an audible voice of a person through the walls and listen for her response. Missy hears "Hello Missy" and she responds by saying "Hello". The agents then start and long back and forth conversation with Missy. A young child can easily be manipulated with this technology. Missy can be given details of a young member of the DeFeo family and trick Missy into believing that the spirit of this DeFeo child is still living in the house.

The government agents have access to sonic weapons that fire what can be considered sonic lasers. Sonic lasers are focused beams of sound that travel through walls of a house in one direction without causing any damage to the house. The sonic laser can be infrasonic (below the human hearing range) or ultrasonic (above the human hearing range).

The government agents also have sonic weapons that fire short bursts of sound called sonic bullets. These sonic bullets can also be infrasonic or ultrasonic.

The agents use the atmosphere (air) as a weapon against the Lutz family. The sonic weapons and harassment technology projects sound (vibrations in the air) in one direction towards a targeted person. The agents also use the body heat of the Lutz family as a means to target them through walls of their home. And they deny the Lutz family their basic human right of sleep by attacking them with sonic weapons to disrupt their sleep.

Missy's rocking chair appears to move on its own indicating that an invisible entity is sitting rocking back and forth in the chair. As a sonic bullet or sonic laser passes through an object, it exerts a force on the object. A sonic bullet fired into the top headrest of Missy's rocking chair will create a force that will push the rocking chair forward. After the sonic bullet has passed through the rocking chair's headrest, the force will cease and the chair will swing in the opposite direction and appear to start rocking back and forth.

Infrasonic and ultrasonic bullets and lasers can't bee seen or heard so Missy's rocking chair will appear to move on its own. Other objects can be made to move with this technique. Open doors can be made to move very slowly in one direction by passing a sonic laser through it. A statue can be knocked over or jolted in one direction by passing a sonic bullet or laser through it. A crucifix can be knocked off a wall by passing a sonic laser or sonic bullet through it.

Kathy claims she has been touched by an invisible entity. An infrasonic laser impacting on the surface of the human body creates a sensation similar to a force being applied to the body. Kathy was not being touched by an invisible entity but rather by agents in the England house. A through wall targeting scope is used to target any part of Kathy's body and an infrasonic laser is then activated and Kathy feels the effects of the infrasonic laser impacting her body. Kathy can be attacked in any room of the Lutz home with this technology.

Agents also have access to sonic weapons that can fire an ultrasonic shockwave through a house. These ultrasonic shockwaves are powerful ultrasonic bullets that when they pass through the human body they will create a violent jolt to the body because of the bones in the human body. The bones are very dense and the ultrasonic shock wave will have much more trouble passing thru the bones than the flesh of the body. This is the trick in haunted house stories when someone is knocked off their feet or knocked of a chair or sofa by an invisible entity. No physical marks are left on the body because it's the bones that are jolted. A person claiming to have been knocked to the ground by a supernatural force has really been struck by a powerful ultrasonic bullet. No damage is done to the house as one of these powerful ultrasonic bullets passes through the walls. The weapons that fire these ultrasonic shockwaves are referred to as sonic cannons. A single person in a house can be targeted and attacked with an ultrasonic shock wave and no one else in the house will feel a thing.

Agents also have sonic weapons that fire an infrasonic shockwave through a house. These infrasonic shockwaves are powerful infrasonic bullets that will impact on the surface of the body. An example of this is when Father Ray receives a slap to the face. Father Ray for a short time after the infrasonic bullet struck his face actually felt soreness on his face but no marks existed on the skin. Father Ray mistook an infrasonic bullet to the face as an invisible entity slapping him and spent a good portion of his life chasing after something that didn't exist.

George and Kathy start having strange dreams, nightmares, and hallucinations. Passing a powerful ultrasonic laser into the top of the human heard while sleeping causes Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. The ultrasound will trigger strange dreams, nightmares, and hallucinations. The person attacked will have wild and crazy dreams while sleeping and when awoken will hallucinate for a very short period of time. The dreams or nightmares will be what the person has on his mind. For example, after Kathy had heard details of how the DeFeo family was murdered, she would have nightmares of being shot if this technology was used against her. It's the person inner demons that come out when this technology is used against him. George would have wild dreams of levitating around his bedroom. It will appear to be real to the person under attack. He could have trouble determining what is real and what is imaginary, a little like schizophrenia.

After the person wakes from his sleep after having ultrasound passed into his brain, he could hallucinate and believe he sees people who are not actually there. An example could be George wakes up and believes he see Ronald DeFeo Jr. walking through his bedroom with a rifle. Kathy could look into a mirror in the bedroom and see an image of an old woman of 100 year (the old hag). Minutes after the attack, the hallucination will cease. After ultrasound is passed into the brain, a powerful sonic bullet is usually fired into the targeted person's body to jolt him out of his sleep and the hallucinations will begin and last for a few minutes. The targeted person will usually feel numbness at the top of the head where the ultrasound entered the brain that could last for an hour or two. The left side of the brain is targeted in this kind of attack.

Powerful infrasonic bullets can be passed through the mattress of the targeted person's bed while sleeping. The person will claim that his bed is moving at night keeping him awake. As the infrasonic bullets pass through the mattress it creates jolts to the mattress that the sleeping person will feel while lying in bed.

Passing low level ultrasound through the legs of a person while sleeping will create burning sensations in the person's legs. This is a popular technique used by the agents to prevent the person from going to sleep or wake the person up in the middle of the night. A through wall targeting scope is used to target the person's legs through the walls of his house.

A person sleeps in his bed for hours, making him a sitting duck. Agents in a neighboring house can easily target any part of the targeted person's body and attack him with sonic harassment technology. Strange dreams, hallucinations, jolts to the body, bed moving, burning sensation in parts of the body, discomfort keeping a person awake or waking the person are all symptoms of sonic harassment technology.

There is a method to determine if a person experiencing the above symptoms while sleeping is being harassed by sonic harassment. Sound cannot travel through a vacuum (no air). If sonic weapons are being used against a person while sleeping from a neighboring house the only protection from these weapons while a person is in bed is to place vacuum barriers around the bed of the targeted person.

Vacuum barriers are panels that have a chamber inside that has all the air removed. A sonic laser or bullet cannot pass through a vacuum. A person must place vacuum barriers completely around his bed in order to protect himself. There cannot be any gaps; the barriers must completely surround the person on all sides. These vacuum barriers have to be custom built and can be made of metal or plexiglass. Military bunkers have these vacuum barriers in the walls and ceilings to protect the occupants from sonic weapons. A good sized vacuum barrier (vacuum panel) is 3 feet wide, 3 feet height, and 3 inches of vacuum (depth).

The Lutz's family dog can also be affected by attacking it with sonic weapons. The dog can be targeted through walls from a neighboring house the same way a person is. If the dog is attacked with ultrasound, it will run from the invisible beam of sound. After George and Kathy found the "Red Room" they claimed that their dog retreated from the room. This can be accomplished by an agent in the England house seeing the dog approaching the Red Room with the through wall targeting scope. When the dog is close to the Red Room, an agent in the house next door fires a sonic weapon at the dog causing it to quickly retreat from the area. George and Kathy will feel nothing but the dog will quickly back away. George and Kathy are tricked into believing the Red Room has some supernatural significance.

The Lutz family has a small army of people working to convince them that their house is haunted. The agents have setup classified technology in neighboring England house that can see and hear all their movements and conversations through the walls of their house. The agents are in a room of the neighboring house carefully studying the Lutz family and making decisions on what they can do next to further convince the Lutz family that their house is haunted. This army of people is totally dedicated to their cause. They have been given a mission by the secret government of the United States and will use any means necessary to complete their mission. Their mission is to create a haunted house story to distract the American people's attention away from the bizarre oddities of the DeFeo murders and onto the supernatural. The agents are military people in civilian clothing conducting what can be considered high-tech guerrilla warfare.

George and Kathy experience phone trouble while trying to contact Father Ray. When Father Ray tries to warn George about what he experienced in the sewing room, the phone goes to static. The agents would have tapped the Lutz' phone so they could hear any conversation made on the Lutz's phone. As the agents listen to the conversation of George and Father Ray, as soon as the sewing room is mentioned, an agent turns a knob and the phone goes to static. The agents can control when a phone call can be made and received and make the line go dead whenever they want.

George while driving his van starts having strange problems with his vehicle. As the Lutz family sleeps, agents in the neighboring house quietly tamper with George's van by loosening lug nuts on a tire and loosening the bolts of a shock absorber. After all the strange occurrences in the house, George becomes paranoid and believes that an evil entity is working against him by tampering with his van.

A stranger appears at the Lutz's door with a six pack of beer. Agents in the England house monitoring the growing turmoil in the Lutz's home, send an agent over to make conversation with George and Kathy. The stranger introduces himself and tells George and Kathy he will return later. George and Kathy never see or hear from him again.

The Lutz family experience sleep depravation from the agents waking them up and disrupting their sleep. Due to loss of sleep, the Lutz family experience changes in their personality. Tempers flair and arguments increase. The Lutz family is under tremendous stress and the government agents continue to look for addition ways to increase the turmoil. The agents' plan changes dynamically as they monitor the Lutz family.

The Lutz home is always cold. The agents have access to directed energy weapons that fire a beam of electromagnetic energy like a laser through a house. As this beam of energy passes though metal, the temperature of the metal will rise. The agents imaging technology that can see people through walls can also see metals through walls. House wiring, guns, and other objects can be identified through walls with this technology.

Firing electromagnetic energy through a wall thermostat will cause the metal mechanism that senses temperature to detect that a room is warm when in fact it cold. A thermostat reading a temperature of 80 degrees when a room is only 50 degrees can be achieved by using this technology to create the false reading. When the serviceman arrives to investigate the problem, the agents discontinue with this method of harassment and the thermostat returns to normal and the serviceman detects no problem with the heating system.

George and Kathy see red eyes in the window and George runs outside and finds impression in the snow that resemble that of animal tracks. Simple light projection technology such as light lasers can be used to create red images on the window. Agents in the England house would have created the tracks in the snow while the Lutz family slept. Also, George seeing a an image of a pig on a bedroom window while standing outside can be accomplished with classified image projection technology projected form a structure on the England property, such as a boathouse. The agents are not using a simple movie projector to create these images on a window but rather classified technology costing more than George Lutz will ever earn in their lifetime.

The agents can enter the Lutz house while the Lutz family sleeps to place green slim in areas of the house, put black dye in the toilets, put flies in a room, or event place inert chemical substances in areas of the house that will give off strange smells when heated by electromagnetic energy passing through it.

Kathy smells old lady perfume before being touched by an invisible entity. Inert chemical substances can be placed in areas of a house easily targeted by directed energy weapons that cause the chemical to react and give off odors at the appropriate time. Kathy smells the old lady perfume and then is touched by an infrasonic laser fired from the England house.

The government agents will use extraordinary tactics to trick the Lutz family into believing their house is haunted. The Lutz's may even encounter agents masquerading as paranormal investigators who will feed George and Kathy information that is designed to completely convince them that their house is haunted. These agents will work behind the scenes to make sure George and Kathy's incredible story of living in a haunted house is made public. Books and movies are imperative for getting the Lutz's incredible story made public.

The Lutz family flees their home after only 28 days of living there and they never return. They claim that an evil presence in the house has caused them to abandon their home. Unfortunately George and Kathy never knew the truth that they were not haunted by an evil demon but rather an evil and dangerous element of the United States government that has spent millions of dollars developing classified technology that is used to trick innocent American citizens into believing their homes are haunted.

The secret element of the United States government has been engaged in social engineering since the late 1960's. The six members of DeFeo family were murdered as part of the secret government's domestic covert war against organized crime. Ronald DeFeo Jr. was setup and made a patsy to take the fall for the murders. The six members of the DeFeo are casualties in this domestic war against organized crime. The town of Amityville had a cancer growing on it and powerful people used radical surgery to remove the cancer before it spread.

Unknown to the Lutz family, they would be used by the secret government as tools to create one of the greatest hoaxes in American history. The onslaught of endless speculation of how Ronald DeFeo Jr. could have possibly murdered his family in such a manner caused to secret government to use the Lutz family as tools to create the haunted house hoax. The Lutz family haunting was a smokescreen to distract the American public from discovering the truth about the DeFeo murders. The smokescreen worked because few people remember the DeFeo murderers, most only know of the Lutz family haunting from the movies. The strange way the DeFeo house appeared with those windows that looked eyes and the area being a former Indian burial ground only added to the mystery of the Amityville Horror saga.

The secret government agents who have successfully created the Amityville Horror Saga must have been given medals and are probably now sitting back in their chairs admiring what they have accomplished.

Anyone wishing to understand the mystery behind the Amityville Horror Saga must look to the government. The secret covert domestic war against organized crime, surveillance technology that can see and hear through walls, directed energy weapons, and sonic harassment technology all must be added into the equation to understanding the mystery. Only the government has the classified sonic harassment technology that could have tricked Lutz family into believing their house is haunted.

America does have a secret police force similar to the former Soviet Union's KGB. America's secret police operates a little differently using democracy as a weapon against the American people. Most Americans would be unwilling to even accept the possibility of government involvement in the Amityville Horror Saga. If the American people were to learn the truth it could tear the country apart.

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Lizzyloo said...

Your disclaimer is a bunch of baloney! I'm not sure if you say that these things could "never" happen in America because you have to say that or you actually believe this. In any case, I would like to correct this by saying that this has been done and will continue to be done on American soil. America is the worst offender of this sort of psychological warfare, having used its own unsuspecting citizens as lab rats. There are unclassified documents from over 50yrs ago which prove the existence of these weapons. This story on the Defeo murders makes the most sense of any other story I've heard so far. Poor Butch was just a patsy and the Defeo family, guinea pigs. These are dangerous times.