Friday, August 6, 2010


Re-usable & Self Sticking!

Nip-glo has an amazing patented silicone backing that allows you to simply press Nip-glo onto your skin and they’ll stay there until you decide to peel them off. Press them on and peel them off as many times as you want. Always ensure that your nipple area is free from oils, lotions, and powder before pressing your Nip-Glo into place.

Where can I use Nip-glos?

In the pool, the bedroom, out clubbing, dancing, beneath a sheer top, tanning—let your imagination go wild! Sweat? Don’t worry about it. Nip-glos stay put.

How to put Nip-glos on?

Simply peel them off the Home Dome and press them onto your breasts. Smooth them out with your finger tips.

Nip-Glo Care and Feeding - How to Care for Your Nip-Glos

Return all Nip-glos to their Home Dome when not in use. You can bathe any Nip-glo nipple with some warm water and a little mild dishwasher liquid soap. NEVER USE handsoap like SoftSoap. Clean only with Palmolive or Dawn dish washing liquid and warm water. Rub them between your fingers, rinse, and shake them dry. Leave them upside down until they are fully dry, and then return them to their Home Dome.

Keep your Nip-Glos, especially the back, safe from any oils, powders, debris, or lanoline products that will foul the self-sticking adhesive. If this happens, try bathing them. The patented silicone adhesive can often times be rescued.

Charging Nip-Glo Glow-in-the Dark Nipples.

To charge them up and make them glow, place your Nip-Glos beneath a light for 20 minutes or longer. They love light—you cannot overcharge them. Position them as close to the light source as possible—without burning them. You can recharge them again and again.

Does Black Light work with my Nip-Glo?

YES! YES! YES! On the NEON NIP-GLO. Your already colorful NEON Nip-Glo will thrive in black light! Walk anywhere near a black light and your Nip-Glo will go extreme for you.

What’s the Bonus Package?

Just for fun, we have included some glow sticks. Activate the sticks per the instructions on the foil package. Put them on underneath your Nip-Glo for a multi-colored look.

How many styles of Nip-glo are there?

Neon Magenta
Neon Orange
Neon Blue
Natural - Light and Dark

How long will my Nip-Glo last?

As long as you don’t abuse them, Nip-Glo will last for months of constant use.


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