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S'pore role for Lucas' new movie

Oct 12, 2010
S'pore role for Lucas' new movie
Irene Tham

Artist's impression of Lucasfilm Singapore's eight-story building in Fusionopolis. The 38,000 sq m 'campus' will be ready by 2012.

THE father of the highly successful Star Wars movie franchise will set the Singapore arm of his film production company to work on his new animation movie.

The film by George Lucas, possibly in 3-D, is slated for global release in 2013.

For this and other undertakings in visual effects and games creation, Lucasfilm Singapore is looking to hire at least 50 artists here by March. Together with the artists among the company's 400 employees here, they will see to aspects of the film like texturing, compositing, lighting and modelling for the characters and its sequences.

Before this, the only experience the artists here have had in producing something by Lucas was for the animated television series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, for which they did only 40 per cent of the production work.

Details of the full-length animation film are still under wraps. It is understood that the key creative work in scripting and design will still be done at Lucasfilm's San Francisco headquarters.

Ms Micheline Chau, the president and chief operating officer of Lucasfilm, told The Straits Times that a feature animation unit will be set up within Lucasfilm Singapore.

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