Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kool Websites: Advent of Deception

The author and editor of Advent of Deception has studied spirituality, religion, human behavior, and the depths of life for over twenty years, in addition to pursuing a higher level of consciousness and recognizing the dynamic truth without the agenda of profit or self-popularity. Integrity to the light of truth combined with strong independent spiritual faith is continually supplied within the compositions of this website. Revealing the truth and deciphering the deception of the illuminati occult and the preparation events of the New World Order is the intention of this website. My intention is not to cause fear or scare anyone, yet the material written may cause emotional fear because of the deep level of deception within the world, religion, and culture.

Please note: Advent of Deception does not “Believe in the Occult” but the author believes the occult exists and they use numerology to accomplish a sinister agenda.

This website is owned and operated by one person. I am not positioned in any type of religion. I consider all scripture that exists around the world. There is a measure of truth in each set of scripture and religion, however every religion is under the powers of the darkness, and is idolatrous. Through transcending the dualities of this world, only one observation is experienced: the battle of the darkness against the light.

Advent of Deception is written to attract readers from all walks of life, cultures, and religions around the world!

As this world progresses through to the separation between the light and the darkness, powerful deception is occurring. This site will address many different issues that humanity is facing. This website will strive to decipher the deception within the context by using discernment upon a foundation of an awareness in consciousness.

The prophets of old taught that the knowledge was kept secret will be revealed during the last days before the separation and the arrival of the Antichrist—The Man of Lawlessness. During our era this world is experiencing the revealing of knowledge, but the darkness is using it in a very deceptive manner.

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