Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Review: Ben & Jerry's Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream

Recently, I had mentioned in private that Ben & Jerry's has a great new ice cream flavor, Red Velvet Cake ice cream? Reader HM gives this review:

Sweet Mother Mary in Heaven -- this stuff is ambrosia. I first tasted the nirvana that is red velvet cake in 1973, when a friend of mine who was a central Illinois farm girl made one, and I immediately fell helplessly lost in the spell of that deep red, yet chocolately, cake and that creamy, cheesy frosting. Of course, throughout the years, I have either made my own red velvet cakes or sampled others' creations.

But yesterday -- Ah! Yesterday, I was buzzing through the frozen food section at WF actually looking for some special veggie burgers -- but they've changed the cabinets around a bit, and before I knew what was happening, I found a pint of B&J'd Red Velvet Cake ice cream in my pudgy little hands. It was fate -- Karma -- It was meant to be. I shoved it in the very back of the freezer, so that I might be able to forget that it was in there. I lasted through last evening and last night, and all day today.

Finally, at 9:30 tonight, I could hear the siren song calling me -- singing my name over and over, louder and louder, giving me no rest whatsoever. I'd been good all day, eating only a piece of toast and some cherries and nectarines. Finally, I hobbled downstairs as fast as my fat little arthritic knees could carry me -- and grabbed that container from its hiding place. I snatched up a big spoon, ripped the top off, and just dug in. Oh. My. Sweet. Jesus. I have managed to consume the entire pint, my stomach is protesting, my serum glucose is probably bouncng off the ceiling, and I may die of DKA in the next five minutes (even though I am not diabetic). Trust me -- it will be worth every single seizure I may have.

Please sir, may I have more??????


Sarah said...

Just bought this flavor today! Going to have it soon! Can't wait!

Michelle said...

There's no chocolate in it. How can you have red velvet without chocolate? Tastes more like strawberry cheesecake than red velvet. Hudsonville red velvet totally slams this one. SORRY B & J.