Saturday, July 9, 2011

250,000 Electronica Fans Can't Be Wrong

Raves aren't just for abandoned warehouses anymore.

The Las Vegas Motor Speedway hosted the Electric Daisy Carnival June 24-26, and the event was huge, with retailers noting record weekly business even past that associated with New Year celebrations. I lived in Los Angeles until 2007 (where the EDC was held the previous 14 years) and it was nowhere as big of an event there as it was in Sin City.

Credit must go to outgoing mayor Oscar Goodman for embracing the event after it had been demonized and driven out of L.A. in a witch-hunt hysteria. I'm sure Goodman understands the electronica scene even less than I do (and I admit not being much of a fan) but like Ed Sullivan, he did understand this may be popular with kids and might be good for business. He's been proven right on both counts.

In any case, whether you like raves and electronica or not, here's some photos courtesy of It's hard not to look at them and realize this is no more music festival and more a major event that is not going to disappear anytime soon...

EDC Day 1

EDC Day 2

EDC Day 3

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