Friday, November 18, 2011

Retropedia Entry of the Week: Super Jock

Most athletes have the ability to take a good pounding to the noggin without suffering in their performance. And, if they should happen to hold the title of Super Jock, not only is head-banging an understood occupational hazard, it is precisely what is needed to get the job done. Able to take the abuse time and time again, without ever having to worry about landing on the disabled list, Super Jocks, introduced by Schaper Toys in the mid-70s offered a line of invincible athletes with a penchant for abuse and the ability to perform brilliantly under the pressure.

The Super Jock lineup included a representative from each of the major sports. There was Super Toe for football fans, Super Touch for those who preferred a game of hoops, Super Stick for the Hockey fans, and a baseball version that would make Babe Ruth proud. Simply pound down on their head and their elongated neck would collapse into their body causing their appendages to jump into action. With a little aim and finesse, one could be shooting 3-pointers like Michael Jordan in no time. And like any good toy, a full spectrum of accessories were available as well, including automatic pitching machines, goals (with goalies), hoops, and goal posts. Perhaps you were never going to smack the game-winning puck in real life but one could always live vicariously through the athletic prowess of Super Jock.

In 1986, Milton Bradley bought the rights to Super Jock and released redesigned basketball and football sets to mild success. And, as is the case with most modern sports figures, Super Jock would eventually be traded to Playskool to play out the remainder of his career and prove to future kids that it takes one tough skull to survive in the world of professional sports.

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