Sunday, January 25, 2009

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Waiora is a world-class company dedicated to helping people maintain their health as they age. Our healthy living and aging philosophy is simple - eat well-balanced meals that include multiple servings of foods high in fiber, like fruits, vegetables, and bran, exercise regularly and incorporate a nutritional regimen that addresses aging at the root of the problem, from a cellular and biological level."


Skinny Guy “Saviour” comes forth and blows the lid off the bodybuilding and supplement conspiracy to reveal why it’s not your fault that you’re still a struggling hard gainer…

"Take Just 6 Minutes To Read This Page And I’ll Cut Thru All The Bull That Has Been Keeping You From Having A World Class Body!”


As seen on TV...

* Holds 20X it's weight in liquid
* Easily removes cola, wine and pet stains
* Doesn't drip, doesn't make a mess
* Washes, dries, and polishes any surface
* Won't scratch any surface
* Machine washable and bleachable
* Lasts ten years

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