Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Burger Lounge

The Burger Lounge
Nick Hamilton

Here’s my new favorite burger joint. Good place for yuppies in La Jolla to drive to in their Prius and feel okay about eating a burger:

We elevate the hamburger to an art form. Starting with organic grass-fed Tallgrass Beef directly from the grower, fresh cut French fries, house-made onion rings, and home-style-baked buns—we create a food experience you will want to experience again and again. Enjoy our fresh-tossed salads, turkey burgers with fresh basil and our own vegetarian burger made from organic Quinoa. We also offer premium milkshakes, mirco-brews and premium wines.

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Anonymous said...

Burger Lounge is my absolute favorite burger in San Diego, without a doubt! Great blog!