Sunday, June 21, 2009

iPhone 3G is now only $99!

Dear Mac friends,

Apple just made a serious of staggering announcements today, and I'm still blinking like a deer in the headlights trying to process it all!

Here are a few of today's most important announcements:

- First of all, the iPhone 3G is now only $99! This is an unbelievable new price!

- Next, Apple introduced the new iPhone 3G S (the "S" is for "Speed") for $199. Not only is the new iPhone 3G S significantly faster than the iPhone 3G, but it comes with built-in video recording, video editing, complete voice control, and compass. You can learn all about the new iPhone 3G S here:

- The MacBook Pro line is now SIGNIFICANTLY CHEAPER, FASTER, and has new features -- such as a built-in SD Card Reader for your SD Cards that you use inside your digital cameras. As an example of the new lower pricing, the 15" MacBook Pro used to start at $1,999, but now it starts at $1,699. You can read more about the new MacBook Pro line here:

- Snow Leopard is coming! Snow Leopard is coming! And it's only going to cost $29! Later this year, we will be upgrading all of you to Snow Leopard, since it is the faster and more refined version of the Leopard operating system that you currently use & love. At a price of only $29, Apple clearly wants everyone to be using Snow Leopard. You can read more about Snow Leopard here:

- iPhone OS 3.0 software update is coming on June 17th! If you already own an iPhone, in just 9 days, you'll get a bevy of new features delivered right to your current iPhone! Features like cut/copy/paste, a landscape keyboard in more applications, MMS messages, spotlight searching, voice memos, holiday subscriptions in your calendar, buying movies & TV shows & audiobooks from your phone, sync your notes between your iPhone and your Mac, and much much more. You can read about all these new improvements here:

- Oh, and ScottWorld has a brand new logo. This is the first step in what will soon be a complete overhaul of the ScottWorld website, along with an introduction of brand new ScottWorld services -- such as Mac training bootcamp weekends! Stay tuned for more details....


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