Thursday, June 25, 2009

Felix Pole Dancing

Miss Pole Dance World 2009

Tonight, on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien, check out Felix Cane, the world's greatest pole-dancer. Her act is incredible. And if you are a woman out there, don't be turned off by the fact she's pole-dancing, it's such amazing art to watch you don't have to be a horny guy to appreciate. Of course, it doesn't hurt either...

And here's a YouTube link to her winning routine at the Miss Pole Dance World 2009. It's so great, I'm ready to give GnR's Chinese Democracy another chance. Sadly, Ms. Cane no longer works at strip clubs, but she is part of the Zumanity show in Las Vegas...

And here's some more YouTube clips of Felix:

Message from Felix:

Felix Pole Dancing on the Tonight Show Thurs 25th June

That’s right boys and girls, I will be doing a Zumanity (Cirque du Soleil) performance with all my boys on Thursday 25th June on the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brian. I was originally told I would have an interview as well, but talk on that seems to have quietened down. The show is confirmed though, be sure to keep an eye out. If anyone can record TV on their computer, I would love to have a copy! For all my fans back in Australia, I’m not sure if/when this will air on Australian TV. They do have a Full Episode section and Short Video Clip section on the Tonight Show website though, so hopefully it will be put on there as well. I’ll update this post with the link if it appears on their website anyhow.

Sacha Baron Cohen (Ali G & Borat) will also be on the show as his new charachter, Bruno. I wonder if he’s going to end up on my pole?! I can just see something rediculous happening.


Felix xo


Anonymous said...

Without a doubt, this woman is an incredible dancer. I would like to see a glorified male eqivalent. Do Men not Dance? Do Men not also seek adoration?

Anonymous said...

Did Conan make that request? LOL ha ha J/K.

Anonymous said...

PS That girl is not human. WOW. That 09 pole champ is HOT. Wish it was my pole. Is there a link to the video from when she was on the show?

J Breaking News said...

WoW! I have watched the videos at it was reallt entertaining... Hoping for more pole dance moves on the future... You gotta visit their site too! Read more at Felix Pole Dancing

Satya said...

Without a doubt, this woman is an incredible dancer. I would like to see a glorified male eqivalent. Do Men not Dance? Do Men not also seek adoration?
The place where fun never ends.

norzeh said...

i've also watched this video and it makes me "WOW".

Hezron of I Blog All

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Anonymous said...

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