Thursday, July 29, 2010

Robert Larson's Out The Rabbit Hole

Robert Sterling

Today from 4-5 PM (Pacific Time) I will be on KUCI 88.9 FM in Irvine, CA (also streaming at ) for host Robert Larson's Out The Rabbit Hole. The plan is to talk about Andrew Breitbart, the right wing media operative who released the edited video of Shirley Sherrod that became a news firestorm last week. As it turns out, I've been in contact with Breitbart since 1998 when I outed his close pal Matt Drudge as a closet homosexual (I was pretty much the first guy to do that) at the peak of the Clinton Peckergate scandal. I also debated him live and over the radio numerous times in 2004 during the presidential election. So it's funny to see this dude I've had some history with to become public enemy number one in the talkinghead-osphere.

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