Sunday, July 25, 2010

Signs of the Times

The very recent and unsubstantiated beliefs about about the end of time - based on the Mayan calendar ending on Dec 21, 2012- is an example how many "trust in lying words" (Jeremiah 7:8), which are numbers that parallel the following passages:
Psalms 7:8 "... according to... "
Matthew 7:8 "... one... "
Mark 7:8 "... tradition of men,... "
Ecclesiastes 7:8 "... the end of... "
*2nd Chronicles 7:8 "... time... "
2nd Kings 7:8 "... came to the uttermost part of the... "
Ezra 7:8 "... year of... "
Nehemiah 7:8 "... two thousand... "
Acts 7:8 "... twelve... "

This system of parallels can be proven not to be coincidences through a numbering process that repeats itself in the King James Bible. And only in this book can you discover this system of parallels that form "... a pattern of... " (Titus 2:7)- "... the hidden wisdom... " (1st Corinthians 2:7), which reveal many things about the United States, which began in the city named after King James- meaning Jamestown, Virginia. There are also dozens of parallels that reveal when Jesus is coming back. There is no other Bible code book like this!

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