Saturday, July 9, 2011


Jacko's Death - June 25, 2009
Gone down the memory hole is the bizarre icky creepiness that dodged the final 20 years of his life. What is remembered is a musical performer with a magnetism not seen since Elvis. Since his death, his estate has made over $1 billion.

Michael Jackson's Legacy, Two Years Later, By the Numbers
Gil Kaufman
Jun 25 2011


iPhone - June 29, 2007

$500 for a cell with 4GB of storage? No way is this thing gonna sell!

Happy 4th Birthday, iPhone
Jared Newman
June 29, 2011


Ernest Hemingway's Death - July 2, 1961

Hemingway was a self-destructive alcoholic impaired by depression for most of his life. He is also arguably the greatest of all American writers, whose style of minimalism turned understatement into the greatest of virtues. Literature has never replaced him.

50 years ago: Hemingway commits suicide
27 June 2011


Cheerios - 1941

One in eight boxes of cereal in the US are the Cheerios brand, which turns 70 this year.

In 1979, Honey Nut Cheerios were introduced, which is now the best-selling brand of the breakfast staple. Apple Cinnamon, MultiGrain, Frosted, Berry Burst and Chocolate flavors have followed.

Facts about Cheerios in their 70th year


Gone with the Wind: June 30, 1936

A book glorifying the Confederacy sprinkled with usage of the dreaded "N" word may not be politically correct, but it still has its fanbase. "Windies" may not get the headlines that Trekkies or Star Wars fans get, but with over 30 million readers, the book (and the film based on it) still has its following.

At 75, 'Gone with the Wind' still attracts fans, cash and controversy
Jim Auchmutey
June 25, 2011

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