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Barack Obama’s Biggest Contributors

Barack Obama’s Biggest Contributors: Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan
Posted on March 17, 2008 by Uppity Woman

There isn’t a person left in America who hasn’t heard Barack Obama’s repetitious spell-chants and stump speech frequently. Ad nauseum comes to mind. I just heard him today, limply attempting to explain himself in Pennsyvlania, and once again he declared how he doesn’t take money from lobbyists and PACs. More ad nauseum.

I am here to tell you that the next time Jesus Obama tells you that his money comes from the little ole you, that this is a baldfaced lie. I won’t even get into the $250,000 he has gotten from the indicted Rezko, some of which he didn’t even disclose.

Let’s take a look at Jesus Obama’s top contributors. Incidentally, Obama has 8.2% of his contributions noted as “undisclosed”.

Goldman Sachs $474,428
Ubs Ag $298,180
JP Morgan Chase & Co $282,387
Lehman Brothers $274,147
National Amusements Inc $265,750
Sidley Austin LLP $251,657
Citigroup Inc $247,436
University of California $239,944
Skadden, Arps et al $228,520
Exelon Corp $226,661
Harvard University $225,891
Jones Day $213,825
Google Inc $192,808
Time Warner $190,091
Morgan Stanley $190,026
Citadel Investment Group $173,950
Kirkland & Ellis $163,126
Latham & Watkins $160,842
WilmerHale LLP $155,788
Jenner & Block $151,447

First, we should probably congratulate JP Morgan for buying up Bear Stearns for pennies on the dollar shouldn’t we? You know who Bear Stearns and JP Morgan are, don’t you? Investors and bankers. Bankers that ripped off people with sub prime loans. The Federal Reserve bailed out Bear Stearns with our tax money whilst doing nothing for the 900,000 people about to lose their homes. Nice folks, huh?.

Let’s talk Citibank. These nice folks hold credit card debt and mortgages too. They are more of the nice people who can charge 35%+* interest to you if you miss a payment. Then there’s Wall Street’s Goldman Sachs. The CEO said just a few weeks ago that the economy is “just fine”. Well sure it is. It’s just find for him! Then there is the other money changer Lehman Brothers. These are all Barack Obama’s contributors folks. They are Barack Obama’s friends, not you.

*Considering this list, no wonder The Messiah voted “No” to a credit interest rate freeze at 30%. He “said” it was because the rate was “too high”. Apparently, Mr. Obama thinks The Sky’s the Limit is way better than even a 30% limit.

Oh and let us not forget Exelon. You know, “Nuclear power, Exelon?”.Just Google “Exelon and Obama” and find out how Jesus Obama rigged up and then watered down the bill that now makes it only “voluntary” for Exelon to report any further radiation leaks to the constituent community they have already harmed enough. You see, the citizens were outraged and wanted a Law. Barack gave them a law all right. Right up their noses. Ah, Mr. Barack Obama, he is the Messiah for Exelon. That’s why he personally doesn’t live anywhere near Exelon’s next radiation leak. Exelon is Barack Obama’s friend too.

Barack Obama has LOTs of friends he doen’t want to talk about doesn’t he? Yes He Can!

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