Thursday, September 25, 2008

Your Bank and Your Broker

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A Public Service Courtesy of Weiss Research, Inc.
Urgent Free Video Plus Free Report on:

Your Bank and Your Broker:
Is It Safe? Could It Fail?
What To Do Immediately

As a free public service, investment and banking experts Martin Weiss and Mike Larson have just video-taped a special program on a very urgent topic:

The safety of your bank or broker, what happens to your money if they should fail, and what to do right now. In this comprehensive, one-hour video,


We show you how to get a free rating on the safety of your bank or savings and loan.

We discuss investment strategies designed for profit and protection in this threatening environment.

We answer your most urgent questions on what happens if your bank or broker should fail.

And as soon as the presentation is over, we email you a free report containing a lists of the 100 weakest and 100 strongest institutions.

Plus ...

We send you free DAILY updates on the world’s most exciting investment opportunities from our famous Money and Markets.

To view the free 1-hour video now, to get the free list of banks, and to sign up for your free subscription to the daily Money and Markets e–letter, simply enter your e–mail address in the box below.

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